Auckland () 2 Std 6 Min2 Std 6 Min
Fort Lauderdale, FL () 44 Min44 Min
Philadelphia, PA () 28 Min28 Min
Ontario, CA () 26 Min26 Min
Seattle, WA () 26 Min26 Min
Stjordal, Nord () 26 Min26 Min
Washington, DC ()
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Leichter Wind
/images/weather_icons/white/sunny.png 7 °C
Atlanta, GA ()
Vereinzelt Wolken
Leichter Wind
/images/weather_icons/grey/partlycloudy.png 15 °C
Chicago, IL ()
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/images/weather_icons/white/partlycloudy.png 1 °C
Los Angeles, CA ()
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Leichter Wind
/images/weather_icons/grey/partlycloudy.png 13 °C
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX ()
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/images/weather_icons/white/partlycloudy.png 26 °C

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