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Daniel Baker, Chief Executive Officer, FlightAware

Daniel Baker, Chief Executive Officer

Baker is the founder of FlightAware and has served as Chief Executive Officer since 2005. In this role, he directs all of the business units, leads worldwide business development, and drives corporate growth. Originally one of the principal developers of FlightAware technology, he now enjoys working directly with partners and customers in both industry (e.g., airline, cargo, business aviation) and government (e.g., air traffic management) to create mutually beneficial relationships that leverage FlightAware's technology and data to provide innovative and efficient solutions in aviation and travel.

Baker brings years of experience as a driving architect of rapid growth small to mid-sized businesses from both the technology and business sides as well as enterprise sales and partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and foreign governments. He has been in the Internet services business for over twenty years and is a published author on the subject of Internet protocols. Baker has served as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies and technology companies internationally and is a regular speaker at aviation and technology conferences.

Baker is a passionate photographer, pilot, and cyclist. He lives with his wife and daughter in Houston.

Baker holds an FAA Commercial Pilot certificate.

Daniel Baker, Chief Executive Officer, FlightAware

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