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Non-stop fares

Passengers traveling from Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV) () to Tampa (Tampa, FL) () on Southwest (or its operators) paid the following prorated amounts for that one-way ticket during the previous 12 months:

Fare classMinimum/TicketMedian/TicketMaximum/TicketRevenue/FlightRevenue/Year
Restricted Coach Class$81.94$207.53$509.89$20,174.52$12,730,125.42
Unrestricted Coach Class$123.40$446.20$482.91$1,538.30$970,669.31

Alternate routings and fares

Popular airport connections or alternate routing from Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV) () and Tampa (Tampa, FL) () across all carriers over the last 12 months included (prices lower than the most popular are in bold):

via Delta11%$87.63$175.47$1,287.06
via Continental9%$89.40$160.92$1,301.43
via US Airways6%$70.52$179.26$1,537.09
via American Airlines6%$81.94$173.40$2,073.08
via AirTran5%$83.11$153.94$668.72
via US Airways4%$50.42$202.89$1,182.91
via American Airlines4%$91.59$176.05$661.36
via Delta3%$88.06$154.99$926.81
via United2%$54.02$168.66$612.10
non-stopUS Airways2%$66.07$201.57$608.29
via Southwest1%$115.52$180.43$724.95
via Frontier1%$105.04$140.48$254.06
via Southwest1%$119.78$197.45$602.98

Flight frequency

On non-stop flights from Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV) () to Tampa (Tampa, FL) (), carriers flew the following number of flights during the previous 12 months:

CarrierFlights performedFlights scheduledPercentage flown

Load factor

On non-stop flights from Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV) () to Tampa (Tampa, FL) (), carriers filled this percentage of their seats during the previous 12 months:

CarrierPercentage of seats filledTotal seatsPassengersAverage per flight


On non-stop flights from Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV) () to Tampa (Tampa, FL) (), carriers handled this amount of cargo (including passenger luggage) during the previous 12 months:

CarrierCargo weight (lbs)Mail transport (lbs)

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