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Arrivals: Halifax "Robert L. Stanfield" Airport (Halifax, Nova Scotia CA) [CYHZ]
EV7610Greater Fredericton (Fredericton Int'l) ()Do 20:48 ADTDo 21:34 ADT
EV7583Charlottetown ()Do 14:39 ADTDo 15:11 ADT
SLQ100THalifax "Robert L. Stanfield" ()Sa 14:10 ADTSa 15:02 ADT
C-GILS ()Fr 16:00 CDTFr 19:25 ADT
CHI1Shelby County ()Di 10:25 CDTDi 13:30 ADT
POE264St. John's Int'l ()Do 13:46 NDTDo 15:21 ADT
EV7608XXXXGreater Fredericton (Fredericton Int'l) ()Mo 16:49 ADT18:04 ADT (?)
JZA8803XXXXSydney (Nova Scotia) ()Fr 06:18 ADT07:31 ADT (?)
EV7587XXXXCharlottetown ()Di 19:57 ADTDi 20:29 ADT
C-GJDIXXXXSaint John ()Mo 17:33 ADTMo 18:04 ADT
PVL4332SF34St. John's Int'l ()Di 16:03 NDTDi 17:22 ADT
PVL999SF34Canadian Forces Base Goose Bay ()Sa 13:44 ADTSa 15:49 ADT
PVL904SF34Charlo ()Fr 15:15 ADTFr 16:17 ADT
PVL4332SF34Greater Fredericton (Fredericton Int'l) ()Do 15:26 ADTDo 16:08 ADT
PVL904SF34Charlo ()Fr 15:44 ADTFr 16:40 ADT
PVL4332SF34Greater Fredericton (Fredericton Int'l) ()Do 15:33 ADTDo 16:12 ADT
PVL904SF34Charlo ()Mo 15:04 ADTMo 15:50 ADT
PVL904SF34Charlo ()Mi 18:01 ADTMi 19:00 ADT
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