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Departures: Los Angeles Airport (Los Angeles, CA) [KLAX]
Arrival Time
SIA11A388Tokio-Narita ()Mo 16:08 PDTDi 19:13 JST
SKW6518CRJ7Del Bajío ()Mo 16:07 PDTMo 20:40 CDT
SKW2888CRJTucson ()Mo 16:04 PDTMo 17:01 MST
CPZ5727E170Sacramento ()Mo 16:03 PDTMo 17:02 PDT
AFR65A388Paris-Charles de Gaulle ()Mo 16:00 PDTDi 10:55 CEST
SKW4453CRJ9Oakland ()Mo 15:58 PDTMo 16:56 PDT
UAL1129B739Denver ()Mo 15:57 PDTMo 18:48 MDT
DAL1649B752Orlando ()Mo 15:55 PDTMo 23:04 EDT
SKW2854CRJSan Diego ()Mo 15:54 PDTMo 16:18 PDT
SKW2894CRJ2San Diego ()Mo 15:54 PDTMo 16:18 PDT
ASA451B739Seattle/Tacoma ()Mo 15:53 PDTMo 18:03 PDT
VRD416A320John F. Kennedy Int'l ()Mo 15:52 PDTMo 23:44 EDT
CPZ6428E170San Francisco ()Mo 15:51 PDTMo 16:40 PDT
CPZ5716E170San Diego ()Mo 15:50 PDTMo 16:14 PDT
BAW282A388London Heathrow ()Mo 15:48 PDTDi 09:23 BST
AAL2485B752Dallas/Fort Worth ()Mo 15:47 PDTMo 20:15 CDT
JBU524A321John F. Kennedy Int'l ()Mo 15:46 PDTMo 23:34 EDT
SKW6302E120Palm Springs Intl ()Mo 15:46 PDTMo 16:21 PDT
SWA565B737San Francisco ()Mo 15:44 PDTMo 16:37 PDT
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