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I still think they should have one just like this that says Trans American...even if Otto isn't on board.

Written on 19.04.2018 by knightricer

Very nice!

Written on 19.04.2018 by Kevin Haiduk

Very nice!

Written on 19.04.2018 by Herpeux Nicolas

Nice shot with old livery!

Written on 19.04.2018 by bigkahuna400

Very cool! maybe a little more info.

Written on 19.04.2018 by peterjp5

Great photo as always Uwe!

Written on 19.04.2018 by Andre Blanchard

Great shot! 5*

Written on 19.04.2018 by Cade Emtage

Nice shot!!! B777-200 or B77L. 5* shot!

Written on 19.04.2018 by Cade Emtage

Tail # N5172

Written on 19.04.2018 by Ron Parry

Hal, what a great photo! Thanks for sharing this with the community.

Written on 19.04.2018 by Tim Marks

This is NOT a CJ3!!!

Written on 19.04.2018 by Kenny Schulte

Where did they get the Sukhoi from? It's darned near as big as the Nimrod! Or at least it isn't exactly dwarfed by the Maritime Comet...

Written on 19.04.2018 by CHRIS ROBEY

Nice Hangar!!

Written on 19.04.2018 by Kenny Schulte


Written on 19.04.2018 by William Gilson

Looks like a Superjet not an A320.nice photo all the same.

Written on 19.04.2018 by mike prendergast

Beautiful Plane!

Written on 18.04.2018 by Jason Bennett

A very nice photo capture of a PHi bird... this one is an Augusta Westland 139 and would very likely be used for crew changes to and from offshore drilling and production platforms and rigs! Note the emergency flotation equipment package as installed on the lower sides of the fuselage. Bell Helicopter had an early involvement in this successful design before withdrawing from participation in this joint project.

Written on 18.04.2018 by cliff731

Not sure why the photo loaded up side down. April 18, 2018 from the parking area in Kotzebue, AK. She’s just waiting for the snow to melt!

Written on 18.04.2018 by Sean Ellis

5 tilt's on this - color supreme!

Written on 18.04.2018 by Tom Vance

That's one big jet to block Rattlesnake Hill! 5 AF1s on this pic Gman!

Written on 18.04.2018 by Tom Vance

A 5 star tribute photo from Rattlesnake Hill.

Written on 18.04.2018 by Tom Vance

Hal - You are very welcome and I'm simply grateful that you shared this very exemplary photo capture with us... and not to worry... I was more than happy to share that info regarding this specific USAF A-10 a/c!!!

Written on 18.04.2018 by cliff731

A very fitting paint design livery for Aeroméxico!!!

Written on 18.04.2018 by cliff731


Written on 18.04.2018 by shrudini


Written on 18.04.2018 by Kevin Haiduk

Nice one, Hal!

Written on 18.04.2018 by Greg Byington

Cliff - thanks for the info! I need to get better on getting the details on the aircraft I take pictures of ;)

Written on 18.04.2018 by Hal Maynard

How many of these planes are they?

Nice pic!

Written on 18.04.2018 by Kobe Hunte


Written on 18.04.2018 by Joe Murphy

Poor old lady. I see mould on the top side of her fuselage.. But she had a proud, long life.. Have a sunny retirement, old girl..

Written on 18.04.2018 by hal pushpak

As we left the Port of Aruba, this A/C passed overhead midships on approach to Aruba (Queen Beatrix Int.)

Written on 18.04.2018 by KA2GEH

the beauty queen!

Written on 18.04.2018 by dysck2000

Gone, but never forgotten.

Written on 18.04.2018 by Donald Deubler

William - This F-16C is USAF s/n 90-0756 as noted in Joe Baugher's published information.

He related the following on this aircraft:

"90-0756, General Dynamics F-16C Block 40J Fighting Falcon, MSN 1C-364".

Thanks for sharing this photo with us. Your photo, if showing the USAF s/n for its registration, would be the first occurrence of 90-0756 in FA's photo pages!

Written on 18.04.2018 by cliff731

Thanks Pumpkin!

Written on 18.04.2018 by Mark Thomas

Thanks Dave!

Written on 18.04.2018 by Mark Thomas

Hal - this A-10 is USAF s/n 79-0202, originally built as a Fairchild Republic A-10A Thunderbolt II, according to Joe Baugher's published information. It would have been assigned Fairchild Republic's MSN (c/n) of 466. Other recent information and photos of 79-0202 on the web indicate it may have been upgraded to an A-10C variant.

Written on 18.04.2018 by cliff731

William - this B-52H would be USAF s/n 61-0017.

Mr. Joe Baugher relates this information regarding this Boeing aircraft:

"0017 named "Renegade" with 92nd BW in Apr 1989. Named “The Lone Star Lady II” in April 2016."

There are nine (9) photos of USAF s/n 61-0017 previously uploaded to Flight Aware's photo pages...

Written on 18.04.2018 by cliff731

Magnificent photo

Written on 18.04.2018 by Brett Easton

Yes. Prayers for all involved, and may the passenger rest in peace... that was not an easy ordeal. Prayers and thoughts for the folks at Southwest for them to take prompt action on how and why this occurred and that it may never happen again.

Written on 18.04.2018 by Savannah Ford

Thank you for many comments

PhotoData:2018/03/03 AM8:24
Nikon D5
NIKKOR AF-S 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR
JASDF Komaki Air Base

Written on 18.04.2018 by sajima

Beautiful photo, great angle.

Written on 18.04.2018 by ThePumpkin


Written on 18.04.2018 by William Gilson

An MD-11 judging by the winglets.

Written on 18.04.2018 by Doug Pickard

Very interesting and thank you for the link.

Written on 17.04.2018 by Tony Erni

Thanks, Dave! It looked like the pilot was waiting on passengers, so I was hoping that the bird would depart while I was there. But, no luck. It did look pretty cool sitting over on the other side of the runway, though.

Written on 17.04.2018 by Greg Byington

My friend flies this jet

Written on 17.04.2018 by Eric Davis

Fantastic! Excellent camera work Mark!

Written on 17.04.2018 by Dave Sheehy

Nice shot, Greg. Love those three holers :)

Written on 17.04.2018 by Dave Sheehy

Thanks Leland and Katherine!

Written on 17.04.2018 by mike prendergast

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