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Hawaii Mars landing on Lake Winnebago near Oshkosh, Wisconsin during Airventure 2016.


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Plenty of left rudder being applied by the looks of things! Fantastic shot...
Roy Hunte
ian mcdonell
I am really envious - not only did you see this but took a great photo as well
Laurence Leader
Great Photo! Takes me back to my years on Vancouver Island watching these guys flying in out of Sproat Lake. Great to see this one is still flying, though I gather its days are numbered.
John Rumble
Man ...First thing I buy when I win the lottery is a $25,000.00 check ride ...or maybe I'll hire it and go camping with 30 or 40 close friends
John Van dyke
Sweet! Makes me miss my Renegade.
{} susan feasey
Great shot! Had the pleasure of seeing it take off from the sea plane base and perform at Oshkosh this year.
James Hoven
Slowing down engines/propellers causes precession to the right instead of to the left as in takeing-offs.
Laura Bliss
Excellent photo!
Too bad they hit the rocks while they were there.
Hugh Somsen
Nice pic
John Wallach
This is beautiful! I remember PanAm clippers at laguardia's marine terminal ages ago.
Carl Hendry
Even though this beautiful bird did dangerous work, I miss seeing her fly over my house as she leaving Vancouver Island. I totally amazed how she could stay in the sky while moving so slow. I'm only guessing, she'll end up in a museum, were she belongs
melvyn jamieson
Why are it's days numbered?.
Henk Beun
It looks like a super tanker ship
Dave Sheehy
Airplane Art at it's finest Robert! Nice work and thanks for posting.
Jose Leite
Very good photo
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