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This of course is NOT Concorde but the Somers-Kendall SK1 - designer Hugh Kendall flying the SK1, Nat Somers took the photo from Miles Gemini G-AKDC, hence Somers-Kendall Aircraft. The SK1 reached 332mph (mph not knots!) in level flt on 330 lbs from the French Pallas Turbomeca turbojet - maybe the most efficient jet ever flown. Weight 810lbs empty, MTOW 1500lbs, laminar flow wing 22.8 ft span 65sq ft wing area, at the time the smallest jet aircraft wing area in the world, appr speed 115, touchdown 90, fuel 360lbs (44 Imp gallons),I have the original photo (the photographer was a close relative) taken late 1955. The aircraft was originally designed for air racing with the possibility to be used as a military trainer but as is well documented the problems with the gear and later the reliability of the Turbomeca jet eventually grounded the project. Aesthetically almost perfect . . . buit mid '50's. This image prob late 1954


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