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This is one of the proverbial PRICELESS aircraft, why, well AB was never able to set a price, it continues growing and growing with no end in sight. The sky is the limit (LIMAO).
ken kemper
Super Fu
Ken Herrick
Striking photo! But for we ordinary citizens, what is it, who makes it, is it a good airplane or not so good, etc? Thanks! (BTW, I wouldn't be able to afford one, I'm pretty sure.)
Don Lynch
Nice catch.
John Hoag
This is an Airbus A400M. It's a horror story of European politics, technical overreach, and a desire NOT to buy C-17 because it was too capable and you might be expected to use it.
Great shot !!!
Ken Herrick
Here's commentary from a friend of a friend: "That’s a very nice shot of the A400M Atlas Military Transport, the sole product to date of Airbus Military Division. It’s had a chequered history as all European military projects do. Just getting UK France Germany Italy and Spain (plus bizarrely Luxembourg Turkey and Belgium) to agree a specification is hard enough and then you have to build it…. it needed an entirely new engine, the TP400, the most powerful turboprop in the West at about 11000hp (quite a lot less than the huge Russian engine from the 50s which powered the Tu114 and other large Soviet era aircraft which produce a claimed 15000….) difficulties with the TP4000 slowed the whole project and it was years late and hugely over budget. there is a long Wikipedia entry which recounts the tale of woe.. Apparently 170 odd have been ordered of which about 70 have been delivered. I went to a lecture by the RAF programme’s head some time ago when it appeared the Atlas could do everything the Air Force wanted brilliantly, but that was just before it entered service….
FU GENGPhoto Uploader
Big thanks to your all for your comments


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