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PilotenlisteN75AW Aircraft Registration

Aircraft Registration
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Aircraft Registration (N75AW)

Aircraft Summary
Summary Owner Airworthiness Serial Number
1981 PIPER PA-42
Fixed wing multi engine
(11 seats / 2 engines)
Standard/Normal 42-8001046
Aircraft Details
Engine Weight Speed Mode S Code
Horsepower: 750 (Turbo-prop)
Less than 12,500lbs Not defined 52413705
Registration Details
Status Certificate Issue Date Airworthiness Date Last Action Date Expiration
Assigned 2010-08-10 1992-06-29 2012-03-23 2015-03-31
Registration History
Date Owner Location Serial Number Mode S Code
14.08.2010 PELICAN AIRCRAFT LLC NAPLES FL 42-8001046 52413705
23.07.2010 REGISTRATION PENDING NAPLES FL 42-8001046 52413705
11.06.2010 ISLAND BOUND LLC DUNEDIN FL 42-8001046 52413705
10.10.2008 AVEE AIRCRAFT LLC CLEARWATER FL 42-8001046 52413705
21.03.2008 BRENRICKS MANAGEMENT LLC DUNEDIN FL 42-8001046 52413705
11.01.2008 CLEARWATER AIRCRAFT INC CLEARWATER FL 42-8001046 52413705
02.06.2006 ANDREW AND WILLIAMSON SALES CO INC SAN DIEGO CA 42-8001046 52413705

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