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Antonov offers its airplane to Trump

U.S. President-elect earlier was displeased with costs of Boeing aircraft Ukrainian state-owned airplane manufacturer Antonov has offered its aircraft for Trump to consider using as the Presidential airplane. ( Mehr...

Lufthansa criticises new fee structure at Frankfurt Airport

Lufthansa has criticised Frankfurt Airport’s new fee structure following authorisation by the ministry of economic affairs, energy, transport and regional development of Hesse. The new fee structure not only involves an unreasonable increase in fees overall but also lowers fees for those airlines that are new to flying out of Frankfurt, argues the German flag-carrier. ( Mehr...

Incident: Southwest B737 near Jackson on Dec 6th 2016, loss of cabin pressure

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-300, registration N374SW performing flight WN-214 from Atlanta,GA to Houston Hobby,TX (USA) with 118 passengers and 5 crew, was enroute at FL300 over Jackson,MS (USA) when the crew initiated an emergency descent due to the loss of cabin pressure, the passenger oxygen masks deployed ( Mehr...

Canada: Feds choose Airbus C295 for new search-and-rescue plane

The federal Canadian government will choose the Airbus C295 ( Mehr...

Op-Ed: Pilots Can be Heroes, but Also Murderers

The LAMIA 2933 crash that killed 71 people in Colombia was a foolish, irresponsible tragedy that should have been avoided by the Captain himself, as well a number of other people who hopefully will be investigated and brought to justice. ( Mehr...

NASA starts testing more fuel efficient jet engine tech

A group of engineers have developed a new jet engine tech that can improve planes' fuel efficiency by four to eight percent, and NASA has begun testing it out. They created a new type of engine propulsor -- composed of the fan and a part called the inlet, which directs air into the engine -- designed to be embedded into a jet plane's body. Jet engines are typically placed away from the aircraft's surface, because of a highly distorted film of air called the boundary layer that envelopes the… ( Mehr...

American Airlines flight attendants want new uniforms recalled

American Airlines' flight attendants union called on the airline Friday to recall its new uniforms claiming the garments are to blame for a string of health problems including headaches, rashes and respiratory problems. American and the union, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, have been jointly testing the uniforms to determine if the clothing is responsible for the reactions that have triggered more than 1,600 health complaints by cabin crews. The airline has also offered… ( Mehr...

Government spies surveil phones in flight, report says

Turns out the skies are not so friendly after all, at least as far as privacy is concerned. American and British intelligence agencies have been surveilling cell phone use on commercial flights since 2005, according to a new investigation by Le Monde based on documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. ( Mehr...

Air Force One is an 'unrivalled flying fortress'

It's time for the American president to get a new plane. On the outside, the new Air Force One (which are actually two identical jets) will maintain its iconic blue and white livery - however, the inside will be barely recognisable. Considering the current plane was built at a time when having a fax machine on board was groundbreaking, the technology on board will get a considerable upgrade. It was never going to come cheap. President-elect Donald Trump cast a spotlight on the project this… ( Mehr...


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