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Hey C.W.

Glad to see you still pop up. This photo and about 20 more have been floating on the site all day. FlightAware staffers are far and few on the weekend. I looked on my camera settings and seems I was cheated for vertical and upside-down settings.
This is not JetPhotos, there is no disciple and everything goes Mach 4 to the posting page without review by staffers. Clear skies over in Hossierville.

Written on 25.07.2021 by warmwynds

@user3956 that's ok, the 130th in Charleston still has Hercs, and are getting new ones next year :)

Written on 25.07.2021 by Ron Wroblewski

Unusual attitude training!


Written on 25.07.2021 by C.W. Reed

Flying stong vertically into its 12 hour.

Written on 25.07.2021 by warmwynds

Actually, I think this was taken in Anchorage, judging by the mountains in the background.

Written on 25.07.2021 by Dan Wright

from bombs away - authentic faux weapons, same as on Special Kay

Written on 25.07.2021 by 96flstc

I've heard that these aircraft climb like a rocket. Just like the A306.

Written on 25.07.2021 by Spencer Hoefer

Wow, great photo!

Written on 25.07.2021 by Bob Smith

OMG..........I just came again to this page and got a bout of vertigo. Anyone working on the weekend at this site?

Written on 25.07.2021 by warmwynds

I have a terrible feeling we are going to regret not having built more of these.

Written on 25.07.2021 by Mark Huntsinger

My very first flight was in a DC3 on 8th, may 1958 from Berlin-Tempelhof to Hanover.
Even it was an american airplane, flightcompany was Air France. I was 7 years old and still can remember the tiny little curtains and the light green sweet bonbons...must have been impressive... :-)

Written on 25.07.2021 by Eberhard Hoberg

Yeah, not much you can do when the summer haze kicks in especially towards noon.

Written on 25.07.2021 by Chris lanno

That church is in Luqa village, Malta. It is dedicated to St.Andrew and is a few hundred meters away from Malta airport’s runway 23/05.

Written on 25.07.2021 by Anthony Caruana

Come back to that location and shoot more when the Islands' heat effect has no bearing on the photo.
Still a good * * * * 1/2.

Written on 25.07.2021 by warmwynds

Very interesting shot Joshua, centered, well-composed, nice background. some ground signage and a nice sunny day. There is something though about the overall photo. I just can not figure what it is?
Definitely not something you would see on the Jet Photos site.

Written on 25.07.2021 by warmwynds

AIR DO is domestic airline of Japan. Officially name is Hokkaido International Airline.

Written on 25.07.2021 by 太田 知明

DEAR 学.Thank you for your comments.

Written on 25.07.2021 by 太田 知明

I bet those jet engines really make that King Air go fast !

Written on 25.07.2021 by James Wisely

Great angle and lighting. Perfect, Davidi.

Written on 24.07.2021 by ACFTTECH8

Great shot, Brian!

Written on 24.07.2021 by ACFTTECH8

Love the skyline in the background. Nice shot, Chris.

Written on 24.07.2021 by ACFTTECH8

A heavily modified Cessna 172. Nice.

Written on 24.07.2021 by ACFTTECH8

Great first pic, Andrea!

Written on 24.07.2021 by ACFTTECH8

Zero minutes after departure expect a turn of some kind...

Written on 24.07.2021 by ACFTTECH8

I flew in this too. The way it flew reminded me of a big three-engine Cub.

Written on 24.07.2021 by Seb Seb

I remember that distinctive Skyvan sound and the strong smell of the jet fuel.

Written on 24.07.2021 by Seb Seb

Incredible Photo

Written on 24.07.2021 by Christina Lang

In spite of the missing paint, the signature optical illusion of the FedEx logo is still very visible. Hint: it's between the X and the E.

Written on 24.07.2021 by Chris Croft

I think the big dome belongs to St. Nicolas church in Malta (,14.5176071,41a,35y,282.6h,79.29t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en). I haven't been able to locate the closer church, which make me think this was shot from like 10 miles away.

Written on 24.07.2021 by Chuck Pergiel

N50LB not N50LQ

Written on 24.07.2021 by Jon-Michael DeBona

This is N50LB not N50LQ

Written on 24.07.2021 by Jon-Michael DeBona

Super sweet.

Written on 24.07.2021 by jthyland

was in active passenger service from Long Beach, CA to Avalon Harbor up until 1968 (maintenance cost) -- not this specific instance however

Written on 24.07.2021 by a mentor

@user3956; Me too. My first RC aircraft was a six foot wing PBY5-a

Written on 24.07.2021 by a mentor

@Pat Cook; Dad dearly love mom and was VERY wise;
There are OLD pilot and there are BOLD pilots -- but NO old AND bold pilots

you can share that with their grandchildren

Written on 24.07.2021 by a mentor


Written on 24.07.2021 by Richard Ashley

Beautiful picture!!! This is one of my very favorite airplanes! It is the most comfortable plane ✈️ that I have ever flown on!!!! Thanks Gary,

Written on 24.07.2021 by Michael Glumack

A fascinating story. Thanks for sharing, Jan.

Written on 24.07.2021 by Jan Wegrzyn

Says ASG29 on the side though....

Written on 24.07.2021 by Chris Ryan

My database reads "Schleicher ASW 27-18E" with msn=29542.

Written on 24.07.2021 by Erik Vermeulen

Thank you so much everyone for the nice comments! One of my favorite shots from that airshow

Written on 23.07.2021 by James Marion

Velocity XL. Roomy and fast.

Written on 23.07.2021 by ACFTTECH8

She is a little rough on the outside. Tail paint not sticking and the number two nose cowl and reverser is white so the FedEx logo is a partial.

Written on 23.07.2021 by ACFTTECH8

Oregon ANG most likely

Written on 23.07.2021 by James Simms

I'm a big F15 fan, I love to watch them above my house when they do touch & go's. @ Medford Int'l Airport. Their out ok Klamath Air Base.OR.
I'm lucky to be living under their approach guide path. Think there South Dakota ANG.

Written on 23.07.2021 by Brian Berger

In 1943, my parents were still newlyweds. Dad was sent to Fairbanks to survey what was to later to become Eielson Air Force Base. Mom remained in Anchorage where she worked as a nurse at the Alaska Railroad Hospital.

There was a long weekend and she decided to fly up to Fairbanks for a surprise rendezvous with Dad. So she went out to Merrill Field and boarded a Star Air Service Ford Trimotor for the flight to Fairbanks.

In those days aviation was still pretty new to Alaska, let alone scheduled air service. In those days, there was no IFR (instrument flight rule) when the clouds rolled in; it was only VFR (visual flight rule). However on the Anchorage – Fairbanks route they did have The Alaska Railroad tracks as a navigation aid. The pilots would just fly close to the ground where they could keep an eye on the tracks for a reference.

On this particular flight, they boarded the Ford Trimotor and departed. The clouds set in as they were flying north. They started to follow the railroad when the clouds really socked in. The pilot turned back, and returned to Merrill Field, Anchorage. Everyone got out of the plane, and the pilot told the station manager what happened.

Another pilot heard what happened and piped up, “I’m not chicken, come on, let’s get back on the plane.” So everyone trooped back on the plane, again. They set off for Fairbanks and followed the railroad, real close, and they made it.

It was a happy rendezvous until Mom told Dad about the flight. When it was time for my Mom to return to Anchorage, Dad insisted she take the train.

Written on 23.07.2021 by Pat Cook

This airplane was also featured on the TV show Mannix on Saturday January 13, 1968. (Season 1, Episode 16).

Written on 23.07.2021 by Charles Nye

Amazing Shot !

Written on 23.07.2021 by elijah hunter

Awsome Photo!

Written on 23.07.2021 by elijah hunter

I love the Harvard! It was fun to take a ride in (and fly)

Written on 23.07.2021 by Andre Blanchard


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