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Cool! Thank you Kevin!

Written on 22.01.2018 by Caden Bell


Written on 22.01.2018 by Fabian Dirscherl

You can read the reg from 7 miles below! fantastic shot!

Written on 22.01.2018 by Mark Thomas

If the PSA schemebird had been in this location just a few minutes earlier, I could have clicked JBU's New York International heritage paint in a picture with this PSA scheme holding. That would have been a fantastic catch. But the jetBlue landed just as the PSA was taxiing away from the terminal. I did get them together in several clicks, but it was when both were taxiing.

Written on 22.01.2018 by Gary Schenauer

Thanks for the data.............C

Written on 22.01.2018 by Charles Peele

This Douglas was built as a C-47A-30-DK with Douglas c/n 25313 and went to the USAAF as s/n 43-48052 according to Mr. Joe Baugher's published information.

He detailed this and later service as the a/c provided:

"48052 (MSN 13868/25313) to USAAF Jul 19, 1944. To RAF as Dakota III KG769 Jul 19, 1945, but to RCAF as KG769 Jul 25, 1944. To 32 OTU RCAF. WFU Nov 7, 1944. To TCA as CF-TEG 1946. To CF-GXW Aug 21, 1957. On US civil registry as N173RD. Current 2011".

***Best viewed after clicking on the "FULL" screen button***

Written on 22.01.2018 by cliff731

EC145T2 HS-BHQ Bangkok Dusit Medical Service

Written on 22.01.2018 by Jean Dauphin

Nice shot!

Written on 22.01.2018 by shrudini

thank you Greg!
will do my best!!

Written on 22.01.2018 by Uwe Zinke

I think prob a Boeing "loaner" as such...

Written on 22.01.2018 by bigkahuna400

Just looking at the thumbnail photo I knew it was one of yours, Uwe. Great shot with great light!

Written on 22.01.2018 by Greg Byington

Great catch!

Written on 22.01.2018 by Greg Byington

Nice photo Bill! One of my favorite aircraft!

Written on 22.01.2018 by Tom Heaverlo

Great job!

Written on 22.01.2018 by Tom Heaverlo

Beautiful work with the lighting!

Written on 22.01.2018 by Tom Heaverlo

Awesome shot! Great work!

Written on 22.01.2018 by Tom Heaverlo

It's engine testing. normally they have an engine mounted on that pylon.

Written on 22.01.2018 by peterjp5

Are they experimenting with Canards or some sort of Avionics" Very interesting.

Written on 22.01.2018 by sparkie624

Its a strange looking bird alright.

Written on 22.01.2018 by Alan Brown

This has to be one of the few 757s out there with an Experimental/R&D airworthiness certificate.

Written on 22.01.2018 by Paul Wisgerhof

@Viv thanks. I am not trying to attack Chris personally as he does have a few that are good. Again I don't have a problem with him tagging each plane once or twice, especially if he has a better shot than his original. But the excessive spamming of the photo section with literally thousands of blurry photos from miles away has no redeeming value to this community and if anything I feel his spamming clogs up the photo section with repetitive photos.

I think I will start a discussion in the message board section about it Viv. Maybe that way we can get the attention of the FA staff and ask them to weigh in. Please feel free to chime in as well.

Written on 22.01.2018 by Chris Pippen

Thanks Viv!

Written on 22.01.2018 by rwb2112

6000ft and airborne! now thats how you push tin!

Written on 22.01.2018 by John Manley

Nice catch of the classic UA 757. I look forward to getting some good catches of them in the coming months.

Written on 22.01.2018 by William Hamlin

That is a pretty decent capture you got there. Good shot !!

Written on 22.01.2018 by Viv Pike

@ Mr Pippen - unfortunately Mr Collinsworth does not care a hoot about what other FA users think of his "pictures". A number of users have in the past posted similar thoughts to yours, myself included, but the upload of these kinds of photos continues unabated, by the thousands. If you view his album sorted by "newest", you might find 1 (yes, ONE) semi-suitable photo uploaded in the last month, among the thousands of others. I agree wholeheartedly that the FA moderators should step in.

Written on 22.01.2018 by Viv Pike

Hey man, I can see that this isn't actually a 737-800 (VH-VNQ). This is actually an A320-232 (VH-VNC)

Might want to change your tags :P

Written on 22.01.2018 by Jordan Curran

Maybe those $39.00 fares intra california were too good to be true !,

Written on 22.01.2018 by Ned Gehringer

Not so fun on a very hot day with a full load of pax and bags and fuel transiting the Central Valley ! It was not unusual to ask OAK center for a lower altitude as we couldn't even hold onto FL 25! Someone remind me why those Electras were sold off...

Written on 22.01.2018 by Ned Gehringer

Hard to believe that these NAF N planes flew actively up to 1961 with the USN. They were last based at the US Naval academy for the midshipmen to get acquainted with aviation!

Written on 22.01.2018 by Ned Gehringer


Written on 22.01.2018 by Geoff Arkley

Why Chris? I don't get it. As somebody that takes LOTS of aviation photos I don't understand the reasoning to post these blurry and basically useless photos on FA. You are literally clogging up the photo section with this dreck.

For example, look at N332NV you have posted here. There are 16 photos total on FA and 14 of them are equally uninteresting photos posted by you. If you were posting 1-2 of each plane I would not have as much of an issue as you are tagging new planes you have spotted. Cool. N121UW has only 14 photos and 7 are similarly photographed by you. You should continue to post photos of new and interesting aircraft that you spot. But blurry shots from miles away of a shadow are not what FlightAware photos needs and have no redeeming value. In fact, I submit that these photos bring down the FA experience for everybody else as we have to sift through the massive amount of refuse you create in the photo section. Of your 21000+ photos I would say no more than 100 are at the level that should be posted.
Just my opinion, but I believe that FA moderators should step in and purge these photos from the system.

Written on 21.01.2018 by Chris Pippen

Yes, very possible! Probably truer than my thought. Thanks Nathan! :)

Written on 21.01.2018 by Eric Shepherd

Nice Great shot!

Written on 21.01.2018 by A F

Could’ve been a flight crew retirement too I guess.

Written on 21.01.2018 by Nathan Gute

Steve Brooks....I think we were at Barksdale together (around 75-78). I also think you were in the class behind me at Vance (7404). Enjoying retirement in Broken Arrow, Ok. Hope all is well.

Written on 21.01.2018 by Robert Pryor

je suis étonné de constater qu on parle du passage du B29 en europe WW2----(I was 15) Mais je pense qu il a été utilisé en Asie au départ de Guam et les Philipines pour crosser le Japon (si je me souviens par les radios et journaux de cette époque.nous étions friands d aviation et de forteresses volantes.

Written on 21.01.2018 by roger hautekeer

Well stated, Gary... and "FIVE" Stars for this photo!!!

Written on 21.01.2018 by cliff731

Charles Peele - this panel belongs to N695MG, a Rockwell Commander 695B Jetprop 1000. Its present flight activity appears to be in Africa since 2018 started. While it was possibly exported out of the U.S.A., this a/c maintains a current FAA registration.

Written on 21.01.2018 by cliff731

Grezat photo. Wish food on planes was as tasty as those burgers.

Written on 21.01.2018 by JJ Tyson

Nice shoot

Written on 21.01.2018 by sidibouya ka

This was the first time N694DL has visited Reno since the "Spirit Of Freedom" military tribute was added to its regular Delta scheme. I arrived at 0550 hours just to be certain I would be able to see and photograph this special livery Delta fleetbird. All five of the US military services (Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard) are honored as the insignia of each branch is presented just below the word FREEDOM. From myself (and on behalf of all Americans who have ever served, or are serving, in our nation's military forces), "Thank You," Delta.

Written on 21.01.2018 by Gary Schenauer

Nice shoot !

Written on 21.01.2018 by sidibouya ka

This Dakota carries the FAA registration of N473DC. It was built by Douglas as a C-47A-75-DL Skytrain with Douglas c/n 19345 and USAAF s/n 42-100882, according to Joe Baugher's information. During WWII, this C-47 served with both the USAAF and the RAF.

Mr Baugher's history regarding this Douglas aircraft also includes:

"100882 (MSN 19345) delivered to USAAF Dec 28, 1943 and assigned to 9th AF Troop Carrier Command Feb 1944 and operated by 87th TCS. used during Operation Elmira, towing gliders on D-Day for 82nd Airborne Division. 438th Troop Carrier Group, Greenham Common, Berkshire; fitted with model 80 Glider pick-up gear to recover an assault glider from the D-Day landing grounds for refurbishment/re-use in future operations; towed an assault glider in Operation Elmira on D Day (carried soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division) and re-supply after the landings; recovered WACO assault gliders from Normandy landing grounds July/August 1944; To RAF as Dakota III TS422 Sep 2, 1944 from USAAF stock in UK. Assigned to No 1 Heavy Glider Servicing Unit, 38th Airborne Forces Group at Netheravon, Wiltshire Sep 2, 1944. Recovered gliders from Normandy landing grounds and collected and delivered WACO, Hadrian and Airspeed Horsa assault gliders to RAF bases prior to Operation Market Garden (Arnhem) and later, in March 1945 in readiness for Operation Varsity, the Rhine Crossing; No.435 (RCAF) Squadron, Down Ampney, Wiltshire August 1945. To RCAF Apr 1, 1946; Foreign Liquidation Commission; ferried to Canada April 1946; operated throughout Canada in numerous roles, including glider tug, parachute transport, search and rescue and medi-vac (fitted with skis and jet take off rockets), Pilot conversion trainer, Military freighter and troop carrier; operated in the far North of Canada, well above the Arctic Circle using specially fitted sun compass, due to the proximity to the North Pole; SOC 1966; To civilian registry as CF-KAZ, later as C-FKAZ. Registered as CF-KAZ Keir Air Tpt Ltd, Edmonton 29Mar67. Registered to Air Commonwealth Alberta Ltd, Edmonton 1ODec69. Registered to Trans Provincial Airlines 20Jul70. To Laurentian Air Svces 1975. Trans Provincial Airlines Ltd 1975. Reregistered C-FKAZ 1976. Pacific Coastal Airlines Jul78. Airwest Airlines Ltd, Richmond May80. Superior A/ws Sep80. Ontario Central Airlines, Gimli, Manitoba, Apr81. Ilford Riverton, Dec81. Bearskin Lake Air Service, Dec82. Cancelled Feb 25, 1985. To N5831B. Registration N473DC reserved Aug 2, 2005, taken up Jun 14, 2006. Currently operated by Dakota Heritage of Liverpool, England painted in original USAAF colors [code 3X-P]."

Written on 21.01.2018 by cliff731

Picture with no information!

Written on 21.01.2018 by Charles Peele

cannot go wrong with a C47 pic, thanks for posting this

Written on 21.01.2018 by ian mcdonell

stunning pic thanks

Written on 21.01.2018 by ian mcdonell

The persons giving this photograph anything less than a five should be grossly ashamed of themselves. Where else is there a photograph of a L-1011 Tanker's lower rear section. Anyone who has had the opportunity to walk around the underside of these large aircraft and observe the multiple panels, ports, intakes, exhausts, etc. would appreciate the photographer obtaining this rare and descriptive photograph. BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO and THANK YOU to John Marotta! An additional thank you to Authur Moss for his comment and identification of this Royal Air Force Tanker. Good Job!

Written on 21.01.2018 by ROBERT MILLS JR

Flew on this aircraft DEC 1984 MIA LAX First Class, then, Jan 2 1985 LAX MIA First Class. The outbound was the well known Flight 5 and return was Flight 4. Nicknamed the Movie "Star" flights because of various Hollywood, CA actor/commuters utilizing the rare non-stops between LAX & MIA. The flight numbers went on to other aircraft on the international routes, some around the world as the fantastic Pan American Airlines was known for. Miss PAA greatly, but, have very fond memories.

Written on 21.01.2018 by ROBERT MILLS JR

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