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Craig Weis, this was most likely caused by an engine failure or some other issue that rendered the aircraft unfliable. The Ballistic Recovery System has been deployed, if you look at the wind screen you can see one of the parachute risers and below the model titles there is a peeled back cover that concealed another riser. As far as the landing goes, once the BRS is deployed you are at the mercy of the wind.

Written on 15.10.2018 by Todd Royer

Thanks! And I didn't do any post processing on the shot except to crop it a little bit. That's the way it actually looked.

Written on 15.10.2018 by Greg Byington

The WiKi matches Oshita' description

Written on 15.10.2018 by jobeard

I believe the Meteor looks far more like

Written on 15.10.2018 by jobeard

Thank you Leon !

Written on 15.10.2018 by John Marotta

Nice shot. I like these aircraft a lot. They have a very interesting look. Thanks John for posting!

Written on 15.10.2018 by Kevin Haiduk

Thank you Kevin.

Written on 15.10.2018 by rwb2112

Currently Miami Air is operating it.

Written on 15.10.2018 by rwb2112

Trenton... you are very welcome!

Written on 15.10.2018 by cliff731

Paul Wisgerhof - The photo uploader knows what the aircraft type is as he entered such in his photo commentary... but the C2 code has FA confused. See my previous comment regarding using KC2 as the aircraft type code!

Written on 15.10.2018 by cliff731

Yoshihiro Oshita - If you enter KC2 as your type designation for "Aircraft Type" in "Photo Tags", FA should show the correct information rather than the current "Grumman C-2 Greyhound" as displayed... :-)

Thanks for sharing this superb photo with us!!!

Written on 15.10.2018 by cliff731

thank you CD!!

Written on 15.10.2018 by Uwe Zinke

This is a B350

Written on 15.10.2018 by Cade Emtage

Great shot of one sleek beautiful bird. Gotta agree with Bryan's comment.

Written on 15.10.2018 by Douglas Miles

Baie lekker. Kwaai. Nice one Anton. My wife was also a Nel before we got married.

Written on 15.10.2018 by G Zorbas

I love the smell of Jet A-1 in the morning!
Nice shot, Uwe!

Written on 15.10.2018 by CDBrozovich

Lovely picture

Written on 15.10.2018 by jobeard

Dreadnought is a Hawker Sea Fury FB11

Written on 15.10.2018 by jobeard

Thanks cliff731!

Written on 15.10.2018 by Trenton Hill

Great pic !!

Written on 15.10.2018 by Viv Pike

Registered as an "RNS Enterprise," serial number "NCC-1701," and flying as Experimental. Aircraft based at ADs as of a few years back, when I had a chance to photograph the airplane and meet its owner, who is obviously a Star Trek fan.

Written on 15.10.2018 by Michael McMurtrey

I don't know why this label got changed to an F-35C--it's actually an "A" model, the type used by the USAF.

Written on 15.10.2018 by gpvisser

Fatima - read the comments.

Written on 15.10.2018 by Viv Pike

Wow that's awesome where is ?

Written on 15.10.2018 by Fatima Zahra El Asri

Thanks guys, I have to agree with you Roland, I love the A-10. I am sad to see it being retired.

Written on 15.10.2018 by Isaac Vogelzang

nice pic
is that at the battle of britain airshow?

Written on 15.10.2018 by tyler shimwell

Thank you for a nice photo.

Written on 15.10.2018 by Leon Kay

Hmm, how many cans for grey primer did it take to complete the paint job on this 767 - that is not a pretty sight.

Written on 15.10.2018 by Tim Marks

Too bad the governments fear of new technology forced Beechcraft to make the Starships heavier than needed. I’ll bet another attempt would go better than before. I’m sure sales would be strong!!!

Written on 15.10.2018 by bobbyfin3

Thanks John

Written on 15.10.2018 by Yvon Dionne

It's ok Martin the person who asked the question knew what I was on about!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written on 15.10.2018 by Brian Wilkes

No, no, no. The Grumman C-2 Greyhound was a twin engine turboprop carrier on-board delivery cargo plane. This is a Kawasaki cargo jet for the Japanese Self-Defense Force.

Written on 15.10.2018 by Paul Wisgerhof

Thanks for a great photo and informative comment.

Written on 15.10.2018 by Leon Kay

Very nice shot!

Written on 15.10.2018 by Leon Kay

Yes it is. Nice blue colors !

Written on 15.10.2018 by John Marotta

I Flew on that aircraft"From Las Vegas To Hawaii"Named"Humu"

Written on 15.10.2018 by Jose Lauzardo

Daniel Cowan - enter TEX2 as your type designation for "Aircraft Type" in "Photo Tags"... :-)

Written on 15.10.2018 by cliff731

Home for this Beechcraft (Raytheon) T-6A Texan II is the 434th FTS of the 47th FTW based at Laughlin AFB.

Written on 15.10.2018 by cliff731

Trenton Hill - enter "ZERO" as your type designation for "Aircraft Type" in "Photo Tags".

Written on 15.10.2018 by cliff731

Am I missing something, it looks like the wing tip has been damaged but I don’t see any comments about that?

Written on 15.10.2018 by neil olstad

The F-100's at Bozeman are owned by Big Sky Warbirds. Their status is unknown, but I doubt they are airworthy. They are former Flight System's aircraft.

Written on 15.10.2018 by John Sausedo

Uhmmm...It's not an L10. Not sure why it is doing that?

Written on 14.10.2018 by Trenton Hill

Sharp looking A-320

Written on 14.10.2018 by Derek Marshall


Written on 14.10.2018 by BigAlOutWest

Sydney ?

Written on 14.10.2018 by Conrad Verbeek

Which airline ?

Written on 14.10.2018 by Conrad Verbeek

Just over 20,000 views! Thanks!

Written on 14.10.2018 by Greg Byington

CB Hitchens - Not exactly a C-130J... but based upon that model, however. Albeit, the Hercules in your photo carries a unique model identification as the latest "civilian" freighter version of the C-130... e.g. - LM-100J.

Written on 14.10.2018 by cliff731

An older version of the Piper Colt I learnt to fly on.

Written on 14.10.2018 by Bob Shepherd

Locheed C-130J

Written on 14.10.2018 by CB Hitchens

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