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Boeing Globemaster III (N21103) - Boeing C-17 Globemaster III
/images/icons/csMagGlass.png mittel / groß / voll

Boeing Globemaster III (N21103)


Boeing C-17 Globemaster III


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Tom Heaverlo
Really nice against that background!
Steve Askey
An absolute stunner. Looks like a painting, not a photo!
Brian Carlin
Nice image! The shadows on the plane don't really match the setting sun behind it, but nice looking non the less.
Jorgiane Kaminski
Fantastic aircraft! C-17 Globemaster is wonderful!!!
hubert peffer
Super picture-super aircraft
john baugh
That's the nicest C-17 picture ever!
bob reeves
Jason, your the man!!! BEAUTIFUL
Andre Page
The image "noise" (grain) doesn't match either ;-/
Bryan Nylander
Looks like a nice model photo or two images stitched together
Great shot. Lighting is so perfect it looks surreal, almost like a screen from a video game. Did you use HDR for this?
Now that I'm looking more closely, I think the sunset background must have been added in post. The shadows on the aircraft look like it's being lit by the sun somewhere above and behind the photographer, certainly not by the setting sun in the background.
Steven H Wilcox
The background makes this photo!!
My first thought upon seeing this was, "photoshopped". Now I see some comments with similar thoughts. I would add....don't think AETC owns any non-training plans. Operational C17s (US) should be tailed as owned by AMC.
Ty Grogan
Very well timed!
jason noyesPhoto Uploader
for some of you that think your so bright and know everything; well let me say that isnt the sun shining on the c17; you think you have it all figured out with the shadows well i guess you still have a lot to learn. how i done it well ill keep that to myself but only the best will figure out why even the belly is lit up also which the sun will not do like that with that color of lighting.
Bobby Allison
So why don't you explain it to us, some being av photogs, just how you produced this photo, instead of stammering on claiming it's legit but with no explanation? And learn to use capitalization as well.
Gary Schenauer
Hey, Bobby. Howdy! How ya been? Yep. And not only allowing them; they are promoting them by selecting them as Staff Picks.
And even better, they are promoting photo thefts too. This guy swipes other photog's pics, crops the name off the bottom, and reposts them here. FA selects them as Staff Picks. In one of his pics, he couldn't crop the name off so he just blotted it out with blue "paint.' Then FA selected it as a Staff Pick even tho it had a large blue splotch on it and a bit of the name was still visible. They just now deleted it (after 25 days) but I knew they would as soon as I reported it so I took a screen shot of it. It is hilarious.
These PS pics of his are probably stolen too but even if they aren't, they are OBVIOUSLY PS creations. (Pretty good ones).
A belated Happy New Year to you, Bobby. (Wave)
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