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Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon — - Over north San Antonio, May 13,2020
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Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon —


Over north San Antonio, May 13,2020


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Gavin Hughes
5 star shot, and ditto for other one too.
rwb2112Photo Uploader
Thanks Gavin, my neighbor works on cell tower equipment and called me about an hour before hand and offered to take me up on top of an office building north of KSAT he has access to. It worked out great! Lots of people were out along the highway and parking lots with out masks and less than 6' apart, we had the whole roof to ourselves. When we exited the elevator the people waiting to go back up saw my camera and asked for copies of shots so spent the rest of afternoon sending those out. So the 5* definitely belongs to my long time neighbor and friend!!
Joan Williams
Grea story and shot rwb!
rwb2112Photo Uploader
Thanks a bunch!
Gavin Hughes
It's good of you to acknowledge the help.

It's unfortunate that people are refusing to obey such simple rules. Same has happened here in a few major places which is asking for trouble because if a second wave gets hold, the implications could be far worse than we've already had in every aspect. Stay safe.
Alan Brown
Great shot! Thank you for sharing!
ken kemper
Neat story on how you got this great pic RWB !!
Robert Oldershaw
Great shot! Thank you.
George Hall
I totally agree with Gavin on his comment about citizen's of this country purposely ignoring the safety required to end this pandemic. Not only are they putting themselves at risk besides escalating this virus; they WILL cause severe damage to this country's economy(airline industry included); they will eventually end our freedoms temporarily. If we do not have 100% cooperation, our government WILL eventually have to enforce Marshall Law to control these idiots. Let's hope that a vaccine is available by the end of this year.
Will Sutton
Thanks for a great pic. I live just west of Randolph AFB and was disappointed their track did not bring them close enough to our house to see them this time. Your photo made up for it!
These lawn darts are absolutely beautiful in flight.
theresa robertson
Awesome capture of a wonderful fly over. Uplifting day for all.
Frederik deCockBuning
always 7 planes ?
Steve Ascher
There's a passenger in the slot position, but at least he's wearing a mask!
Glen Horton
Beautiful shot rwb.
rwb2112Photo Uploader
Thanks for all the comments and stars!!


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