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Boeing 737-800 (N951AA)


4 departure.


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Dwight Hartje
Stunning livery and shot!
Roy Hunte
Nice shot, but AAL needs to wash that aircraft.
rwb2112Photo Uploader
Thanks Dwight and Roy!
I worked for American many years back in the 60's and mid 70's they had that paint job and then changed it to the red white and blue paint jobs and all we was 727 707 then 747 and DC10 BAC 1-11's but never a 737 while I was there much less with that paint. but looking at the flight logs below blows my mind.
Bob Birks
In the 90's we had a 757 painted in the same scheme.
AAL doesn't need to wash the plane - photographers need to keep their "hands" off the sharpen and saturation buttons, a little is good a lot is wrong.
Awesome shot!
rwb2112Photo Uploader
Thanks Falcon05! Haven't seen you in awhile, have Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
rwb2112Photo Uploader
Thanks for the comment markstar, I went back and looked at the original file, full size,those vertical streaks on fuselage and the 'smudge' around the front door are there all though not as pronounced as what I uploaded. I used a filter called 'tonal contrast' that did that, as far as over-sharpening, that was another program called 'define', combine all that with downsizing a large file by 2/3rds and whatever FA does once it's uploaded, it's not always gonna be perfect, but it got more than a few stars so I'm happy about that, you should post some of your photos!
I suspect that the vertical streaking on the bare aluminum of the fuselage might be the result of chemical de-icing compounds or airborne contaminants that might not be so obvious under different lighting... e.g.- direct bright sunlight vs. somewhat subdued overcast sky illumination. And the color rendition characteristics of a particular digital photo sensor could affect this also in making it more obvious in an exposure. All this beyond the control of the photographer.
Roy Hunte
Also the smudge at the front is from the jet bridges, the flexible hood is usually full of mildew or just dirt.
rwb2112: I thought it was a great shot and I love the old AAL livery! I've had similar problems with resized photo's and detail effects on third party websites. I use a photoshop software add in suite from a company called Topaz that I use for detailing and contrast adjustments, thanks for sharing your process and photos, I'll get some of my photos up in a day or two and I let me know what you think! Happy holidays!
Bob Dman
Like that "paint job" MUCH better than what they have now!
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Datum Flugzeug Abflughafen Zielflughafen Abflug Ankunft Flugdauer
09.08.2020 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Norfolk Intl () 12:54 CDT 16:38 EDT geplant
09.08.2020 B738San Antonio ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 10:40 CDT 11:27 CDT geplant
09.08.2020 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()San Antonio () 08:45 CDT 09:28 CDT geplant
09.08.2020 B738Jacksonville ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 06:12 EDT 07:23 CDT geplant
08.08.2020 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Jacksonville () 18:53 CDT 22:00 EDT geplant
08.08.2020 B738Newark ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 14:52 EDT 17:03 CDT geplant
08.08.2020 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Newark () 09:00 CDT 13:12 EDT geplant
08.08.2020 B738Denver ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 05:07 MDT 07:35 CDT In der Luft
07.08.2020 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Denver () 20:54 CDT 21:29 MDT 1:34
07.08.2020 B738Albuquerque Intl Sunport ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 16:42 MDT 18:59 CDT 1:17
07.08.2020 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Albuquerque Intl Sunport () 15:05 CDT 15:25 MDT 1:19
07.08.2020 B738Austin-Bergstrom Int'l ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 12:42 CDT 13:28 CDT 0:45
07.08.2020 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Austin-Bergstrom Int'l () 10:47 CDT 11:21 CDT 0:33
07.08.2020 B738San Antonio ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 08:53 CDT 09:44 CDT 0:50
06.08.2020 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()San Antonio () 18:05 CDT 18:46 CDT 0:41
06.08.2020 B738Tampa ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 14:38 EDT 15:49 CDT 2:11
06.08.2020 B738O’Hare Int'l ()Tampa () 10:36 CDT 13:40 EDT 2:03
06.08.2020 B738O’Hare Int'l ()O’Hare Int'l () 00:15 CDT 00:15 CDT 0:00
05.08.2020 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()O’Hare Int'l () 16:57 CDT 18:46 CDT 1:49
05.08.2020 B738Colorado Sprgs Muni ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 13:07 MDT 15:20 CDT 1:12
05.08.2020 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Colorado Sprgs Muni () 11:27 CDT 11:56 MDT 1:29
05.08.2020 B738Austin-Bergstrom Int'l ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 08:44 CDT 09:40 CDT 0:55
04.08.2020 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Austin-Bergstrom Int'l () 17:05 CDT 17:37 CDT 0:31
04.08.2020 B738San Antonio ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 14:14 CDT 15:00 CDT 0:46
04.08.2020 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()San Antonio () 12:23 CDT 13:05 CDT 0:41
04.08.2020 B738Albuquerque Intl Sunport ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 08:04 MDT 10:17 CDT 1:12
03.08.2020 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Albuquerque Intl Sunport () 19:03 CDT 19:29 MDT 1:25
03.08.2020 B738O’Hare Int'l ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 15:14 CDT 17:08 CDT 1:53
03.08.2020 B738Philadelphia ()O’Hare Int'l () 12:43 EDT 13:26 CDT 1:42
03.08.2020 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Philadelphia () 06:12 CDT 09:57 EDT 2:44
02.08.2020 B738Detroit ()Dallas/Fort Worth () 21:07 EDT 22:24 CDT 2:16
02.08.2020 B738Dallas/Fort Worth ()Detroit () 16:41 CDT 19:47 EDT 2:06
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