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McDonnell Douglas FA-18 Hornet


A pair of Growlers (see ** from John Locke in COMMENTS below) and two Vipers come past my position low enough for me to get a clear click of them even though they are flying through smoke from California's wildfires that is so thick it can almost be cut with a knife.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Trip is over. We had a fine time but it is good to be back home. And speaking of home, it was extremely distressing to see the unbelievable devastation in California. Beyond horrific ....
Gavin Hughes
Absolute cracker of a shot.

We had some new vision from CA on our news last night and I thought to myself 'it just never ends'. Every day more destruction and those heroes who are fighting it, how much are they enduring, let alone the people who've lost everything.
Darryl Sarno
Great capture and perspective Gary! All 5!
Lonnie Penner
Great shot as always from you, Gary. 5*
doug marshburn
Gary you are here by awarded the military aircraft photo for the year .My opinion of course .I love this action shot and may I ask , what is the location ? Thanks for posting .
John Locke
Not Growlers, Hornets. Great picture.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Gavin, Darryl, Lonnie, Doug, and John ... Very much appreciate your comments / complis, guys. ** John ... Super Hornets. My mistake about them being Growlers. There are no pods. I apologize and Thank You for spotting my error. Doug ... First, I thank you very sincerely for such a kind comment. Also, I truly regret that I cannot be "spot on" specific. There is a reason I am only able to offer some general locale info. The closest military base is KNFL (NAS Fallon) which is located in Churchill County, NV. KNFL is 60+ driving miles WSW of this location. The Dixie Valley is also in Churchill Cnty, NV. It is very deserted in the Dixie Valley. There is a large portion of the Dixie Valley that is closed to the public. It is controlled by the US Navy. Nevada Hwy 50 passes south of the Dixie Valley. Nevada Hwy 121 intersects with Hwy 50 and if a person goes north on 121 the person will be very near to the Dixie Valley. These aircraft had just finished some training. I hope you understand that that's all I can say.
Tom Vance
5 Star WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tom Vance
ADDL:.....what is the clearance on the 2nd Ship from the right......and the 3rd from right F-18?? scraping paint??????????WTH?


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