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Boeing 737-800 (N280EA) - Easterns N280EA looks fantastic as it is seen here under a beautiful northern Nevada sky.  It is so wonderful to see this livery and this airline back in the skies over the US.
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Boeing 737-800 (N280EA)


Eastern's N280EA looks fantastic as it is seen here under a beautiful northern Nevada sky. It is so wonderful to see this livery and this airline back in the skies over the US.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Photographer's Note to all viewers and FA staff >> Since the airline has now officially requested that FA not publicly track this aircraft, I would usually not post this photo because it clearly identifies the location / airport. However, this picture was taken several weeks ago and back at that time there had been no request by EAL to block the location. In fact, on the day N280EA visited Reno, its flight route was publicly shown. I have already posted two other photos of this same Eastern fleetbird and all of these pictures were taken on the same day, so posting this shot does not violate any Eastern Airlines request now in force.
Mark Thomas
Tracking flights and photographing the aircraft are two different things, no? They can't stop you photographing the airplane...
Mark Thomas
And then posting your photos online? What's the deal with Eastern anyway, are they truly just a redo of the old Eastern Airlines or is there something more to it?
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Howdy, Mark. How are things by you? OK, I hope. (Wave)
EA recently requested that FA not publicly show where this aircraft (N280EA) is going. Up until very recently, there was no problem, but although I have no "insider" info, I suspect the reason they have now requested no more public tracking is because this one is being used by Bernie Sanders on his campaign trail. And since events in the past week or so are proving that this US election season is now starting to bring forth some losers, a few zeroes, an occasional kook and crazy, and a couple of dimwits; I'm thinking that the agencies that are trying to protect Bernie are now urging Eastern to keep the flight schedule of his campaign charter more secret.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Also, Mark ... to the very best of my knowledge, Flight Aware does not prohibit the posting of pictures of aircraft that are not being publicly tracked. That is a personal policy of mine. You see, I feel that if the owner of an aircraft has requested that FA not publicly track his/her craft, and then if I happen to photograph that aircraft here, I feel I should respect the owner's request, so I don't post my pictures of that plane because to do so would reveal where it was around the day I clicked it. It is a courtesy policy I have followed for many, many years. Being as this is a city in Nevada and certain adult entertainments are legal here, there are people (both male and female) who fly their privately-owned aircraft here after telling their significant others that they are going somewhere else. If I were to post a pic of their a/c here when it was supposed to have been elsewhere, it could lead to "situations." (That is one reason why you don't see very many GA aircraft pics in my folder; I don't post ANY photos of GA unless I have face-to-face verbal permission from the pilot/owner.) Agencies around here know that I adhere to my personal policy very, very strictly, so when there are military aircraft here or when some special a/c is here, those agencies are willing to give me access for photos because they know I can be fully trusted to be discreet. So I get great access and the agencies know my pictures will never cause any trouble for their customers. (I hope this all makes sense.)
Mark Thomas
Thanks Gary, this is a beautiful snap by the way! I didn't realize Bernie was using the aircraft, that makes perfect sense. I thought it was one of those CIA-front companies running around doing James Bond stuff and they didn't want it tracked!
While I'm here, would you mind if I contacted you privately (e-mail)?
Ronnie B.
I love the old fashioned paint schemes.
Simple and slick.
Now most airlines wrap their entire aircraft in gaudy paint schemes that are reminiscent of the 747 from Soul Plane with Snoop Dog.
I say bring back Stewardesses with short skirts and free drinks.
Nowadays getting one to smile or even to answer the call button is a miracle at 40,000ft.
Louis Holder
Good to see them back. I used to refuel All Eastern's flights that came through ATL in the late 80's and early 90. Been on every aircraft during that time. Those were the good old days. They didn't fly 737's back then.
Dwight Hartje
Outstanding shot, Gary! What an opportunity!
Ed Smart
Great seeing this fantastic airline again in the sky. Love it!
James Konkel
Probably because this particular aircraft is currently being used by a certain Presidential candidate from VT. I saw and photographed the same aircraft in KPWM not long ago.
Paul Marcil
Bring it back to Ottawa
Erik Davis
I saw it in Denver last week
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Mr. Vega. First, thank you for your thought and for signing your real name. (I respect you for that; many people give their opinion but are afraid to put their real name, so I respect you for your honesty and courage. Respecting people like you who put their real names is another one of my personal policies.) Second, since it is my pic and my post, I think I'll "include' whatever I wish to 'include' under my own pic. And third, since this pic has only been posted for three days but it already has 2,519 views, it would appear that 2,518 other viewers didn't really care if I included my personal policy so I guess you are outnumbered 2,518-to-1. Lastly, if a viewer isn't quite sure of something and asks me a question as my friend Mark T did here, "I think" I'll answer him. If reading my personal policy under my photos is bothersome to you, I have the perfect solution for you; don't look at any more of my pictures. It is just that easy. ;-) Thanks again, Mr. Vega. (Friendly wave)
Lovely!! I flew many times with Eastern when I was a kid.
J.T. Kleinfeld
Trump Force two, used for transportation of reporters and Pence's staff. Now EAL3003
Glad to see Eastern back, hope its around to state. Remember flying in the 70's to St. Croix all the time then. I want to make this a clear suggestion, Eastern needs to take over Allegiant Air as they can manager it better. I see it coming.
L Peck
Amen! Did not realize Eastern is flying high again! Great news!!
Eastern is back!

If where lucky pan am will come back next!
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