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Fairchild-Republic Thunderbolt 2


Two neat line-ups of Warthogs on a fuel stop at Lajes, Azores.


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Tim Marks
Bad day for ISIS.
Joseph CilibertiPhoto Uploader
Bad day for ISIS indeed. Sadly it's not what the present Air Force chief thinks. Gladly he will be gone in the next couple of months so let's see what his predecessor thinks of this formidable bad ass jet that has proved itself repeatedly.
Steven Behounek
The tails say that they are from Davis-Monthan. Didn't know that they still had them there.I was at that base when the first one came into service.
Greg Byington
DM still has its A-10s, but the Air Force wants to replace them all with F-35s. So, a lot of folks in Tucson and D.C. are trying to convince them not to. (It would be a huge hit to Tucson and Pima County.) They've put it off now until around 2020, but we don't know if they'll make it past then.
Mike Geer
I was a controller in the early 90's at DM where A-10 pilots learned to fly and shoot. The Warthogs were slated for extinction even then. Thankfully they were rescued and given a new purpose. We have soldiers, marines and airmen alive today thanks to this amazing battle horse and the brave men who drive them. Nothing in our arsenal can adequately replace it.
Neil Klapthor
A pen full of "Hogs"...love it. Had two of these bad boys doing a "circle the wagons" maneuver around me and a couple of fellow B-52 crewmembers in the Nevada desert, doing an E&E exercise during a Red Flag. They were flying - what seemed like - wings fully vertical, opposite of each other, about fifty feet above the ground looking for any "hostiles" approaching our position prior to our helicopter "rescue". They were so close one of the pilots waved to us...it was awesome!
Roy Hunte
@Mike Geer: I would call them battle hogs. ;)
Awesome aircraft.
Michael Enderle
Tim Marks, That's correct in the off chance that congress deems ISIS problematic enough to take action...
george washington
Spend the money. Keep the Hogs, are you crazy?
Mark Lansdell
The ANG at Martin Airport, MTN in Middle River, Md featured A10s and C130s. On occasion they would target some old concrete ships in the Chesapeake Bay. While fishing around Tangier Island I could inspect their lethality up close. Their target loads left holes the size of a small pizza. Different ammo would have left nothing to target over the years. I sometimes wonder about our president's intentions when I think about ISIS celebrating in Iraq with a 1/2 mile parade. Why wasn't a pair or two od A10s called on to disrupt the collumn.
Glenn Charles
Great photo. Lajes is a unique airfield. Spent two weeks at Terceira.
Poloko Nyambe
Tankbursters destined for ISIS, you say?
Nice photo.


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