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Boeing 757-200 (N665DN) - take off in 28
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Boeing 757-200 (N665DN)


take off in 28


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Mark Thomas
It's one thing to hear them with the engines near idle as they're about to touch down but another thing entirely as they blast off the end of the runway, and this 757 looks like it used all of the runway here! Nice shot!
Mark Thomas
Come to think of it, this plane hasn't been airborne for more than a couple of seconds, what happens if he has to abort for some reason? Any 757 drivers care to chime in?
great shot.....I gave it 5 stars:) love the angle. love the POV. love the power of the seven five seven rocket ship !
Keith Crossing
That looks like the airport at St. Maarten. Flights don't take off in that direction and the log for that tail number does not show it being on the island. Nobody on the beach taking pics or looking at the takeoff. Ah, digital photography.
David Sims
Check the windsock as well. It would have a 10-15 knot tailwind.
Tim Kenyon
...and no hot air exhaust plume.....
You're absolutely right Keith! It's a fake!!
dekker martialPhoto Uploader
Sorry Keith but it is not a fake, when the wind come to sea ,the airplane take off in 28 ,i live in st maarten for 14 ans and it is frequent.
Jeremy Kudlick
The windsock is indicating an easterly wind. Why would an aircraft take off to the west with wind coming from the east?
Jeff Spiker
Photo infringes on my common sense. It's a fake.
Mark Thomas
There are a couple of things in this photo that don't seem to make sense, the windsock, the lack of reaction by some beach goers etc, but that doesn't mean this is a fake. I met pilots of a private jet out of Austria during my visit to St Maarten and they requested a runway 28 takeoff specifically to impress the beach Goers! There are many pics of runway 28 takeoffs. One picture of a KLM 747 about to land inches beyond the fence which no one questions as true or false is in focus in places and not in others while beach goers are either ignoring or are completely oblivious to one of the lowest landings at Princess Julianna on record... Let's not judge too quickly. Merry Christmas everyone!
Dwight Hartje
One of the best I have seen!
鹏 程
Kevin Delaney
tis a fake....with thousands of hours in a 757 and dozens of SXM departures i can assure you that bird would not have crossed the beach at 50' unless it was single engine
This.. is real, 2 photos from the author and one from another photographer. Of the same plane. On the Same Day. http://www.airplane-pictures.net/registration.php?p=N665DN
Jeremy Kudlick
Seeing the additional photos (especially the one with the woman walking up the beach holding her ears) and the additional information provided (photos taken June 16, 2012, which indicates why we can't find FlightAware data on the bird being there without having to purchase it), proves to me that this image is real. I still find it strange that a commerical bird would be taking off with a tailwind at one of the trickiest airports in the world, but perhaps the wind shifted during the roll?
I bet that was loud! I've seen 757's taking of at KMSP from a distance of 400 yards, and that's pretty loud, but it's probably nothing compared to this.
Cameron Stone
I know this conversation more or less ended years ago, but I'm just going to put it out there that this photo is definitely real. Pilots are people too, and as long as they aren't putting anyone in any danger, they are entitled to their fun. I've seen videos of commercial pilots holding planes low to impress spotters or people nearby then pulling it up and continuing on a normal climb, both at SXM and other airports.

Apart from that, this is an amazing shot Dekker!
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Datum Flugzeug Abflughafen Zielflughafen Abflug Ankunft Flugdauer
06.12.2021 B752Jacksonville ()Atlanta () 08:20 EST 09:08 EST 0:47
05.12.2021 B752Atlanta ()Jacksonville () 21:09 EST 21:49 EST 0:39
05.12.2021 B752Orlando ()Atlanta () 18:19 EST 19:25 EST 1:05
05.12.2021 B752Atlanta ()Orlando () 15:41 EST 16:40 EST 0:58
05.12.2021 B752Atlanta ()Nahe Atlanta, GA 12:28 EST Last seen 12:28 EST n/a
04.12.2021 B752John Wayne ()Atlanta () 13:19 PST 20:04 EST 3:45
04.12.2021 B752Atlanta ()John Wayne () 10:10 EST 11:13 PST 4:03
04.12.2021 B752Raleigh/Durham ()Atlanta () 07:21 EST 08:18 EST 0:57
03.12.2021 B752Atlanta ()Raleigh/Durham () 21:30 EST 22:28 EST 0:57
03.12.2021 B752Princess Juliana ()Atlanta () 16:15 AST 19:05 EST 3:49
03.12.2021 B752Atlanta ()Princess Juliana () 10:04 EST 14:28 AST 3:24
03.12.2021 B752Orlando ()Atlanta () 06:11 EST 07:12 EST 1:00
02.12.2021 B752Atlanta ()Orlando () 22:54 EST 23:57 EST 1:02
02.12.2021 B752Cyril E King ()Atlanta () 17:52 AST 20:34 EST 3:41
02.12.2021 B752Atlanta ()Cyril E King () 12:08 EST 16:12 AST 3:03
02.12.2021 B752Southwest Florida Intl ()Atlanta () 09:01 EST 10:19 EST 1:18
01.12.2021 B752Atlanta ()Southwest Florida Intl () 18:45 EST 19:56 EST 1:10
01.12.2021 B752Jacksonville ()Atlanta () 16:16 EST 17:00 EST 0:43
01.12.2021 B752Atlanta ()Jacksonville () 13:58 EST 14:42 EST 0:43
01.12.2021 B752Southwest Florida Intl ()Atlanta () 11:06 EST 12:20 EST 1:13
01.12.2021 B752Atlanta ()Southwest Florida Intl () 08:29 EST 09:41 EST 1:11
01.12.2021 B752Jacksonville ()Atlanta () 05:32 EST 06:15 EST 0:42
30.11.2021 B752Atlanta ()Jacksonville () 19:46 EST 20:31 EST 0:44
30.11.2021 B752Raleigh/Durham ()Atlanta () 17:02 EST 18:01 EST 0:59
30.11.2021 B752Atlanta ()Raleigh/Durham () 14:39 EST 15:37 EST 0:57
30.11.2021 B752Pittsburgh Intl ()Atlanta () 11:11 EST 12:28 EST 1:17
30.11.2021 B752Atlanta ()Pittsburgh Intl () 08:34 EST 09:49 EST 1:14
30.11.2021 B752Tampa ()Atlanta () 05:34 EST 06:36 EST 1:02
29.11.2021 B752Atlanta ()Tampa () 22:45 EST 23:51 EST 1:05
29.11.2021 B752Fort Lauderdale ()Atlanta () 19:00 EST 20:27 EST 1:26
29.11.2021 B752Atlanta ()Fort Lauderdale () 16:10 EST 17:34 EST 1:23
29.11.2021 B752Orlando ()Atlanta () 13:09 EST 14:15 EST 1:05
29.11.2021 B752Atlanta ()Orlando () 10:31 EST 11:34 EST 1:03
29.11.2021 B752Pittsburgh Intl ()Atlanta () 07:29 EST 08:38 EST 1:08
28.11.2021 B752Atlanta ()Pittsburgh Intl () 20:55 EST 22:13 EST 1:17
28.11.2021 B752Orlando ()Atlanta () 18:09 EST 19:10 EST 1:00
28.11.2021 B752Atlanta ()Orlando () 15:42 EST 16:42 EST 1:00
28.11.2021 B752Sacramento ()Atlanta () 07:04 PST 14:07 EST 4:02
27.11.2021 B752Atlanta ()Sacramento () 20:30 EST 22:08 PST 4:38
27.11.2021 B752Cyril E King ()Atlanta () 16:03 AST 18:51 EST 3:47
27.11.2021 B752Atlanta ()Cyril E King () 10:22 EST 14:27 AST 3:04
27.11.2021 B752Boston Logan Intl ()Atlanta () 05:58 EST 08:08 EST 2:09
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