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Lying on my stomach, hanging upside down out the door, shot this one wheel landing of the SA Air force Oryx.


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well this wins the prize for the most unique aviation photo!
Roy Hunte
A true photographer will take any position to get their shot!
When I first saw it I said 'Nah, not real, photoshopped.' but I have since changed my opinion when I saw the description.
Greg Byington
That's a crazy shot, Tom! I'm glad you didn't fall out!
Alan Brown
Quite a shot to say the least.
Brian Uranovsky
I used to be a TV News cameraman with the South African Broadcasting in Cape Town for many many years. I flew on many search and rescue missions with 22 Squadron and I can say that in those years we landed on very very hairy places. This pic reminds me of them.
Great experienced pilots in those years but I don't know now........................
Dave Sheehy
Well done Tom! The rotors are whipping up a rainbow in the mist for an added feature. Very nice capture and share.
This reminds me if my time as a crew chief on CH-46s in the Marines when we would do main mount landings. It takes nerves of steel to pull them off as just like this one. Great shot.
Yvonne Malone
Ed Ostrand
Talk about short field landings!
OMG- This is a great shot!
Joseph Immermann
Yep - this is a five star shot, no question. I love the originality. I always say that I will never tire of looking at portrait shots of aircraft, but that does not mean that I do not appreciate a fresh perspective. Well done, Tom!
Juan Gerrits
Exceptional photo. Well done
John Dillon
Amazing picture
Donald Macomber
Outstanding !!
Rebecca Little
Love this shot!!
Jim Costello
Ah, that's nothing, I know a pilot who could land on a sixpence


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