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No Trash, No Crash

TWO years ago the world was amazed when US Airways Flight 1549 landed safely in the Hudson River after striking a flock of geese upon takeoff from La Guardia Airport. Through the heroic actions of Capt. Chesley B. Sullenberger III and his crew, and more than a little luck, all 155 people aboard survived in what was called the Miracle on the Hudson. Incredibly, the Federal Aviation Administration has ignored the lesson from that episode and approved construction of a garbage transfer facility,… ( Mehr...

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preacher1 0
Our fedrul gumint at work
pnschi 0
I don't think Canada Geese are big trash birds. The proposed garbage facility may or may not be a bad idea for aviation safety, but that has nothing to do with the geese strike.
MS1361 0
Sounds like money under the table to me.
Ahh, ya just gotta love New York politics in action. I suppose they'll wait until the first bird strike caused fatalities to decide this may have been a bad idea....
George Manning 0
Seagulls love dumps
Ron Lorenz 0
Build a Dump and they will come! Don't even have to ring the
dinner Bell.
dmaccarter 0
Money talks.
Ron Lorenz 0
A sure way to get rid of them would be let it leak out they,
Taste Like Chicken!!
AccessAir 0
The FAAs typical coffin mentality.....
ken young 0
pnschi.....5 seagulls through an intake is just as hazardous as one Canada Goose.
This transfer station is a very bad idea.
I will be avoiding travel through LaGuardia.
Mike Rasnak 0
I love these political decisions. Politicians need to be held accountable and LIABLE for there decisions. If you get into a car above the legal limit and kill someone, you will be charged with manslaughter. 9 times out of ten, if nothing happens and the drunk is inclined to try it again. But when some one is killed by these types of decisions, they'll look for all kinds of scape goats, but never go after the idiots who ignored the possiblities and caused the problem. I'd like to see a law firm take names and go after the decision makers for any liability that occurs. These bad call are made time and time again, with roads, pipelines, powerplants etc. We need to hold the politicians pesonally liable for their actions.
Jason Feldman 0
why not just put bird feed there - I just wonder if the same people who made this possible short airline stock? hmmmmm
Fleagle 0
What is there to be said?
It's a friggin' Lawyer's world.(?)in America. tempore...
Them, and The archtypical Bureaucracy.
Clearly, they are indifferent regarding in this latest Case with Aviation Safety and (perhaps) complacent in the comprehension of their Own Rules. 'If and when', it comes up, it will be postured / considered in a Litigational mind-frame. And... in their own time.
Safety? An issue? Blank stares; expressions.
*Unfamiliar with "whom" you're dealing with? The F.A.A.?? Come on, Professionals.*
Anyone who's "been around the block" knows they've Failed in: Increasing
"AIR SAFETY" nor - have they: "promoted AIR COMMERCE" ab initio of their
Which is, IN their purported MISSION STATEMENT!

What They 'have' done, is annoy working people, disrupt the cadence, sequence and tempo of 'operational' events & caused frustration/anxiety/
distraction amongst busy, focused responsible Businesses.
Promulgating capricious arbitrary, seemingly whimsical Changes to distract the attention of Professionals who have Better Things To Do.Than to entertain their presence on the site.
Oh yes... SPEND. $$$. They know how to Spend.
Wannabees... on an 'official' power trip. "We're here to Help You."

An exemplar of Political sinecure at managing level for ... ______ fill in the multiple-choice blank.
BUT - It takes Two; if you want to 'feed' it.
They are NOT The BORG. It is not "futile" to resist. Just ___taxing.
Easier ( albeit unmanly ) to rollover.

assisting in "increasing" Quality Air/Ground Support Operations but ... No.____
They have 'other things' on the agenda. Like aggravating people.
Generating Paperwork.( There are pulp wood forests that are no more,
because of the volume of generated correspondence).
Summarily 'Pulling' people's hard earned, sacrosanct Licenses on whim and subtly intimidating Users with their bullshit.. 'on Airport' or in the Office.
The old Timers know/knew how to deal with Them but - are getting few and far between.
A blight.. when they "Could" be, a Positive Entity working harmoniously and Well with All Of Us.
But No. They have, a different Agenda; what it is, I've no Idea.
This is an outfit that 'Knows', how to "Back-up" to the Pay Table.
Feed at The Federal Trough.
I DO know, that in my Time, I've Seen Knowledeable,1st Rate Field Inspectors with the right 'constructive' Attitude that emanated a love for Air Commerce & Aviation Community, and were Welcome aboard any Field & Maintenance Facility at which they dropped in officially or, casually.
There was no PAYOLA involved, either.Integrity. Friendship.
Sadly, They didn't last long - and were Gone.
F.A.A. is a closed Community. Some might say, Inbred.
If your not of 'that Mindset', you're gone. They "are" Standardized in that respect. So ... what Is there to say? Except:
Have a formidable LAW Team at your disposal.
Along with commensurate Deep Pockets.
Know the Rules...( albeit are continually morphing and 'subject to' personal interpretation ) and non-threateningly Stand your Ground when "one of those" arrives in the Area.
You can usually pick them out early. Don't be afraid.
They seem to 'feed' (on that) and will only get worse.

"Never try to teach a pig how to sing; You only frustrate yourself and annoy the pig."
Be "Strictly" Business. Hand-them-off and get Back to the work at hand,
'before' you were disturbed.
In appropriate Cases, ask if they have an appointment; physically *Check* their I.D., insure he/she has the proper Security badges from Your Company Office; if not, escort it to the Door and advise it to Get one.

In No Case, allow them slow down, impede or Interrupt your valid duty.
If they don't have the proper Safety/Health accesories i.e. Safety glasses, Earplugs, Safety shoes, or present a Danger(to themselves) or a potential Ground Safety hazard, summarily but respectfully, tell them to move or have someone escort them to your Supervisor. They'll be taken aback by that, but they will (or should)... actually,- shall COMPLY
( that's one of ) their favorite words ( in the limited vocabulary of a Faa ).
You're just doing your Job, you know.
I love it that They have 'maintenance' types flying as Air Safety Inspectors in the front Office with Commercial Air Transport Pilots.
Apparently they fail to have enough qualified Air Transport 'Rated' Inspectors.
Perhaps those who have been Unsucessful getting hired with an Air Carrier,
Air Taxi,FlightSeeing,Flight instructor or as a Maintenance Tech would like to Apply for this Federal Position - nominal Pay, Great benefits, Good retirement. Lots of Prestige.
I don't even think you need to be a Citizen anymore! What the heck. America's a Plum. A Plum, I say!
An 'Equal Opportunity' Employer.

* btw. . . These are the pogues who 'grounded' Bob Hoover... Remember??*


'BLUE'SIDE Up 'BROWN'SIDE Down ... on the Display array.
Keep your TURNS 'in the GREEN' Rotor Heads.

Think about having someplace to go with Vacuum /Pressure Static instruments if any E.M.P. intervenes that functioning pricey 'Glass cockpit'. Not to mention Ignition. Just a thought._____ Happy Trails.
Aviating the friendly skies and Not So friendly skies (& terra firma)of This Planet in both Hemispheres since a1967d. . Still, 1ST Class.
By the grace of God and Pratt Whitney, G.E., Allison, Wright,
Lycoming and Continental. Cheers,
Jason Feldman 0
hey, fleagle, i have more time to kill, can you PLEASE post a longer message! These short "war and peace" 5000 page books are just too short. Can you give me more of an encyclopedia?

Better yet, if a picture is worth a 1000 words, why not post 45 pictures and get over with it


SkyWolfAlpha 0
Fleagle - was that a post, or just a random collection of aviation phrases and political buzzwords?
Fleagle 0
Indeed; "ahbeezle"longh,already.
It's a Cultural thing. Origins of a pre-literate Society.
The English claimed we had tails in our pants, you know.
As with Mstr. O'Bama quaffing Guinness. With his "relatives" grinning all around him.

And you're right... hit the wrong button... . The Faa ...
The 'mike' got stuck on transmit.. Testesterone lvls in the Green.
(Unlike some)
Apologies_ as soon as I'm done in the water closet.

That being said, I neglected to Exclude the the Facitities maintenance guys and the stout Air Traffic controllers who Perform in my (nt so humble)opinion Admirably; considering.
I was plying the Skies around the major East Coast cities "before and after" the infamous, misinterpreted Controller strike.
Without much ado, the Industry lost some 1st rate and overworked,
exasperated **professionals**. LOST is the operative word,there.

The boys and girls 'on the boards' then & Today, took up the slack - not missing a beat and IMO are excellent and unsung in the Structure of it all. Especially with the 'new' equipment.
Of course They've 'learned'where complaining leads - & what it gets.
Not sure that's a good thing.
Been around our Game much too long and've never given up hope that We might Someday see a positive, collaborative effort in making the Airways and Pilots more Aware and able to come Home at night or whatever to family and loved ones. Too many Accident investigation Teams, N.T.S.B.reports and feeling personally, Fortunate; blessed if you will.

"Alpha Sky Wolf" your welcome,son. Whoa! Stand up guy w/a title like that. Timidity not yr strong suit,eh? I'll tentatively consider running future pittances of blather `n rant through a Popolska 'funnies'screening
program. Eeechto,domospotch.
Jason Feldman 0
I'm sorry, I'm just a dumb american who is uneducated ( except for my college degree ) , but what are you talking about? This post is about putting trash that attracts birds near the airport and its possible effects on bird strikes - and your post are so weird and eclectic.
Fleagle 0
Precisely, Capt. J.
Stay on Topic.Thanks!
But - don't 'start' on collage degrees.

Jason Feldman 0
Thanks for understanding - although I defend my $120,000 piece of paper that does nothing for me whatsoever:) there, I made fun of myself too - :)


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