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NTSB: Plane nose-dived before crash into hospital

WATSONVILLE, Calif. (AP) — Federal investigators say a plane that crashed into a Central California medical building, killing four people on board, took off at a steep angle, rolled until it was nearly . . . ( More...

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linbb 0
Hmm not many planes tail dive wonder when they will quit using that phrase sounds like some person wrote it that knows nothing about flying and these days everyone should.
sr22pilot1 0
way to go dude...
John Mathis 0
Unfortunately, journalists that know about aviation are not many in number. Journalists are assigned to anything and everything that comes along. They always write as is they know about any topic that they receive(even if they don't). Unlike in the movies, even if someone on staff knows about a topic, they may not get assigned to the story. This explains some of the inane and insane things that are "in the news".
Wildcat 0
Actually the preliminary NTSB report uses the term "nose "dropped"".


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