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Boeing CEO: Don't Assume 737RE Will Be Built In Seattle

His paraphrased comments: We haven’t made the final decision about where we’re going to produce the RE airplane. After 42/mo, we do run into some challenges at Renton. We have other options and we will study them all as we think this through. We would study Charleston, Renton and compare with another site. (leehamnews.wordpress.com) Mehr...

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preacher1 0
It's gonna be interesting to see how this all shakes out. It is time for the unions, as Boeing is gonna have to do, to realize that there are other plants and people around that are hungry too, and that Boeing is in business to make a profit, not guarantee them a job.
Brian Bishop 0
Last line of the article - "A feeding frenzy could emerge rather quickly".

YA THINK ??? !!!

Boy what an understatement. Of course those who know me know my vote is for Chucktown. I need a good reason to do more business down there. I'm thinking of renting an apartment near CHS.

When ya coming to visit Wayne?
canuck44 0
There are lots of good spots available in Right To Work states. Texas, Alabama, Florida, Arizona are all good spots.

Florida has an essentially unused base Collier-Dade Transition and Training Airport that would be absolutely ideal. 10K+ foot runway, good weather, no residential area to disturb etc. Adjacent Interstate, quick access to seaport.

The real message is go for "diversity". Do not put all your production eggs in a single basket and make the unions compete if they plan to survive.
Chris Bryant 0
Actually, KVQQ would be a better site (IMHO), John. Jacksonville doesn't tend to get the hurricanes that threaten south Florida. And the big runway is 12503 x 193. More population around, but the same good access to an interstate and seaport. And a lot of retired Navy A&P and Avionics guys around, so the workforce is just waiting.

But I think we're all in agreement that it would be smart for Boeing to put some more plants around, especially in Right-to-Work states.
preacher1 0
This will start everybody talking as it should, but they may be waiting to see what OBAMA and his goon squad at the NLRB does first before they make another stab South. Granted they should but the %^&* unions do have some friends in the upper crust right now, right or wrong. Sad part is, all anybody has to do is look across the South at the growing areas and see both states /cities and people that want the jobs and they ain't working for starvation wages either.
vanbess 0
If the unions keep it up they will drive Boeing out of the USA
I think what he means is moving to China...
canuck44 0
China is one option, but Mexico, Brazil, Canada are others.

Chris is probably right...VQQ looks like lots of space although that area has had more hurricanes than the South of late...Andrew was last one to hit Miami-Dade although on the West Coast we get hit by the stuff coming up from the Caribbean into the Gulf. I have probably jinxed us now.
preacher1 0
Biggest problem is that they have been in Renton so long that them people think they owe them a living
andy streit 0
Certainly can't leave out Mesa, AZ. There is a gigantic amount of open unused space at IWA on the south and northeast area of the airport. When you factor in three runways, that could definitely build up the hurting economy and housing slump out here.
preacher1 0
Brian: no travel plans that way and with DAL taking everything out of MEM thru ATL, I can't reall do Carolina out of there anymore. After leaving that 757 seat puckered like I did going in there last month, I ain't got no hankering to go back anytime soon.lol I might could talk my AA buddy to get me into CAE or CLT and back but that's all up in the air down there right now with the pending Eagle sale or spin. All that is a ways off but it has everybody nervous and on edge down there right now. It will all be interesting. DFW is bad enough but it ain't nothing like ATL.lol
Troy Raiteri 0
Let's see how this will turn out
Wayne: What do you mean by DAL taking everything out of MEM thru ATL?
preacher1 0
One of my favorite points out of KFSM is NC, GSO and CLT. You could hop out of KFSM, connect at MEM, and go straight in to either one. Got a few friends over there with Pinnacle and they would keep me current as well in an RJ by turning one of those. Nice little flip for a Saturday. DH from KFSM late morning, pull one of them and DH back to KFSM either around 430 or the last flight in about 830. The only NC point they now serve direct is RDU and that is always well taken by the senior guys and I don't blame them. You can still do CLT and GSO but via ATL, not direct.
Luke Steinberg 0
It would be sweet if the built them at KVQQ because i live near there so i could go see it. And maybe get a job there when im done with college.
Erik Weseman 0
I have an idea that would keep production of the new Boeing 737RE in Washington State. Boeing could build an assembly plant at Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake, WA which has one of the longest runways in the country, it has lots of space and Boeing test-flies its planes at the airport.
Keith Arnold 0
Filton Airport, Bristol, England is up for sale.
Huge runway.
Lots of local expertise going back 100 years.
99NY 0
Build it in Niagara Falls. KIAG has the enormous former Bell factory, a 10K foot runway and all sorts of heavy rail and highway connections. Niagara Falls is giving land away these days.
Erik Weseman 0
Again, build the assembly plant for the new Boeing 737RE at Grant County International Airport in Moses Lake, WA as the longest runway at that airport is 13,503 feet long which is one of the longest in the USA.
I'm not cocerned about "where" in the U.S. Boeing will build the 737RE, or anything else, it's if it will be in the United States Of America! I hope all of the current, as well as the past OBAMA lovers realize what this idiot and all his movie star, union, free loader and Communist bed fellows are doing to our country.
alangley99 0
Just don't build it in China. Please don't build it in China.
Rick Stanger 0
Debbie Biedebach and Alex Langley, I agree 100% with you.
preacher1 0
I agree with the all of the 3 previous comments but especially with Debbie.
James Stagg 0
Preacher 1, couldn't agree more. If Obama and the National Labor Relations Board continue to give Boeing a hard time over their move to Carolina, you really couldn't blame Boeing for building outside the U.S. The important thing is to get Obama and the incompetents he surrounds himself with out of power. How the people of this country could elect such an unqualified person to be President is totally beyond me. This man is trying to single-handedly destroy this country from within and unless people wake up soon, he just may succeed.
James Gibson 0
Keith Arnold,Do ya think we need 100 year olds building airplanes?
Even though I currently live in North Carolina, a plant at the old Ellington Field near Houston would be a good choice, I should think. A large area open for development, a huge labor pool, and excellent transportation facilities. I bet Houston would love to see them, and the incentive package would probably be extremely competitive.

Of course, having Boeing join the growing aerospace community here at GSO would be great, too!
Jerry Shinar 0
What about Long Beach, California? If the facility is functional, it should at least be considered.
preacher1 0
Well, I think it's like I said in an earlier comment here and as James said above as well, I think that until the NLRB goons back off, Boeing will be hard pressed to consider a spot here in the US, sad as that may be.
Tony Reynolds 0
The discussion should be about the best place to build large aircraft. Any large manufacturer should have alternative plants in different climate and political zones. This should be a strategic business decision and all of the political and union vitrol has no place in it. Partnering with a China company - with appropriate safeguards, may be the best STRATEGIC move - make a strong partner and avoid having a stronger competitor in 10 years. The problems in congress have been decades in the making and both parties are complicit. Obama has had his hand on the tiller for less than two years with little cooperation.
Boeing will build it wherever they get the best deal (incentives)...which is why Bombardier is in Queretaro,MX. CA/WA are too expensive to build in.
alangley99 0
@Tony Reynolds: FWIW I'm not a union guy, and my comments are based on 30 years experience with China. The best place to build aircraft is the place to build the best aircraft the maker and its ultimate passengers can afford. Especially there needs to be strict accountability and no tolerance for errors or skimping on standards. China will continue to struggle with this for some time to come, in my opinion.
blaine ostafin 0
Would be great if Boeing off loaded these jobs to China. That is just what the working class folks need, fewer good paying middle class jobs. I am sure that if Boeing saves on laber they will pass the savings on to their customers. Just like Safeway passes on the savings to their customers when you use the self checkout lines....Not...
ken young 0
If Renton is not the location, any other location will be in a right to work state.
Build the 737ER in Renton w/unions, Boeing makes $, build in Texas w/o unions, Boeing makes $$$. Seems pretty obvious to me!
Tony Reynolds 0
GE has announced the relocation of their medical diagnostic business from the USA to China. This includes the manufacture of MRI and CAT scan equipment. The CEO of the division is also on the administration's Job Creation Panel. There are political boundries and profit - we should not confuse the two. Some emerging economies are doing much better at learning from their mistakes and being viciously competitive. I believe Boeing is looking and a state with sunshine and existing long runways needs to be thinking in 20 year terms - not 2-year election cycles.
Informative and well stated. Thanks Tony.
jim tressa 0
GE sucks and has been bad for our country for a long time. In bed with Iran for the longest time illegally.
Jim Rupert 0
Build it whereever there is the cheapeast labor. Period. That would exclude even SC--the third world within our own borders. I vote for China.
We all prefer the have it build it in the USA somewhere, but if it's not happening please don't build it in China! I don't want the high speed rail experience repeated in aviation.
Shabby workmanship is China's signature.

At least keep in in NAFTA countries Canada or Mexico please!!


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