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Germaphobe body slams woman who was coughing on his flight

Patrick White had a serious problem with the woman coughing on his American Airlines flight to Jacksonville International Airport in Florida. The man was apparently so afraid of getting sick that he became enraged during the flight, continually harassed and chastised (the woman) for coughing and spreading disease. He was arrested on charges of misdemeanor battery. ( Mehr...

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spudtu 0
I've heard from a couple sources that the air filters in cabin HVAC systems don't get changed out nearly enough, and that when they finally are changed, they are appallingly clogged with guck. And that private jets are even worse because some trips carry smokers and the filters are holding all that smoke, too. And almost every time I fly, except the couple times I wore a paper face mask (yes, everyone treated me like I had some disease, which I didn't) I get sick a couple days later. Makes sense when you consider cabin air is pretty much a closed system, as I understand it. If someone knows different, I'd like to know.

Having said that, I do get pretty annoyed with people that don't cover.
Mike Stinnett 1
The cabin air is NOT a closed system. The air flows through and IS NOT recirculated
Richard Walker 0
I don't want to pop your bubble, but you should know that any jet aircraft the air you breath comes from outside air and passes through the engine compressor section where it is drawn off and cooled with bypass air (compressed air from the compressor section is pretty hot, over 400 C where it is cooled, and then passes through various stages and into the cabin. It then exits the cabin in a controlled manner through outflow valves which regulate the cabin pressure so you can have nice (but dry) fresh air at a nice temperature (outside temp at jet altitudes can go to - 70 C) and is pressurized to maintain around a 6000 foot cabin in most jets. The system is NOT a closed one. If you have a look at a generic jet aircraft cabin air system you would find that the air in the cabin is cycled through about every 6 to 8 minutes.
smoki 0
While I can sympathize with anyone concerned for their personal health while entombed in the proverbial pressurized tube whilst there are pax among them who make little or no effort to minimize their spread of airborne respiratory infections, the ones I really feel for are the aircrew who must endure hours and hours of it during their typical duty period and smile while doing it. I lost count a long time ago of the many times I caught some upper respiratory infection from either a fellow cockpit crewmember or presumably a pax in the back with the enclosed pressurized circulation bringing their exhalations forward. Those litle bugs drift happily along until they find another culture dish in which to settle, multiply and overpower the natural immunity.

It was always a standing joke back in the day that segregating the smokers was done to keep the non-smokers free of their exhalations which thankfully is what finally led to the ban on inflight smoking. That is one time that secondary smoke inhalation could be shown empirically to contribute to respiratory problems after enduring it for years. The same is true of the infectious respiratory exhalations of people today in an enclosed pressurized airplane tube. A mask is about the only true protection option there is but then making the cabin look like a hospital ward is probably not going to be conducive to an uptick in sales and marketing.
geoff devery 0
You are such an IDIOT. Why was the baby stupid? The poor baby was hurting and all you could think of is yourself
Matt Lacey 0
Colds and flu are mostly traced to a Vitamin D deficiency.
Jan Melkebeek 0
Maybe Germanphobe?
skelly76 0
Let's not cough up more than we can swallow.....
D. W. 0
There should be separate seating someplace on commercial aircraft for neurotics, idiots, and garden-variety dorks. They're easy enough to spot; flight attendants these days are cop wannabes anyway, with more (perceived) power than they really have and certainoly more than they should have: let them just herd creeps like this (of both genders)to the rear of the bus, ad drop a curtain.
Lewis Tripp 0
Federal Prison has special seats on flights. Con Air
Gary Oberst 0
And I'll bet this a-hole won't curtail his flight when he is sick.
Patrick has some other problems - bet on it. Possibility also that he is just another entitled jerk.
Glen England 0
Well, now, he got to go to jail where we all know there aren't any germs, it's very clean, everyone is very kind and washes their hands after using the restroom, covers their mouth if they have to cough or sneeze, and of course, if they are sick, they stayed home and didn't get put in jail in the first place. Best place for him.
This is a sick string lol!
Jeff Coghill 0
He should only drive then.
Martin Dennett 0
Tell you what Mr Young. Next time you fly, book with Aloha Airlines (with apologies to any Aloha employees, families and/or passengers who were affected). They sometimes have "in-flight air conditioning" where the roof of the aircraft peels off. That sure as hell would clear all the germs out. Perhaps we can get aircraft manufacturers to offer in-flight opening windows on their aircraft so that idiots like yourself can be in a germ-free environment.
Babs Newton 0
I find it hard to imagine how this gentleman travels great distances.
In modern times' abundance of elevators, planes, busses, trains, office cubicles, etc.,..., how does he function?
A germanphobe catching a public flight is like a an agoraphobe trying to hang out in Time's Square in broad daylight.
People will cough, sneeze, not wash thier hands, touch you.........
What was he thinking! I understand people have phobias and I empathize with his flight plight. He,however, KNEW when he boarded the plane that it wouldn't nor couldn't be germ-free. Targeting this lady and getting violent with her wss just wrong and kind of crazy. BODY SLAM!- how about a felony assualt charge vice a misdemeaner bettery.
He should be mandated to go to therapy about his phobia issues in addition to the battery charge.
Perhaps he could have pled
Babs Newton 0
Misdemeaner battery? BODY SLAM- really?
How about felony assault against this poor woman. In addition, mandated therapy to deal with his germaphobia and the crazy notion he could get on a public fight and either expect a agerm-fre environment or assault anyone who he deemed wss destroying it.
While I can empathize with many and varied phobics, people just can't go around hurting people at will because of tohse fears.
What this gentleman (not really) did was like an agoraphobic going to and standing in the middle of Time's Square in broad daylight and then going off on a passerby for contributing to the large crowd that is trigggering his phobia!!!
John Casebeer 0
More narcissism. Life has some risk!
Allie Light 0
with all that recycled dry air in airplanes, who wouldn't cough?
Mike Stinnett 1
The air in the cabin IS NOT recycled. It is a constantly refreshed system. The air flows through the cabin and exits through the outflow valves. It is NOT recycled or recirculated
Stephen Morris 0
so worried about getting sick and then gets close enough to touch the woman.I don't get it. here your sign
timewarp 0
I'll remember to take a cough drop before I fly tomorrow.
jhakunti 0
I totally understand this man's angst, as I was on a flight from DEN-SFO on frontier A319. This stupid baby kept crying from gate to gate, and to make matters worse it's mother was a no handed cougher.

She did get me sick which pissed me the hell off. And I felt very filthy because I saw it coming and was helpless. She if anything deserved the body slam, not the poor woman in this story.
Tony Welch 0
Oh, im so sorry she got you sick. COUGH! COUGH!
Lewis Tripp 0
Oh,you poor baby.If that women was any kin to me,some one would holding something they couldn't walk away with it.
Donald Hartsock 0
Jayden is the "Poor Baby"...babies are suppose to cry. I bet you did too and still crying.
coreylynxx 0
I coughed a couple of times on an ATL-SRQ flight. I'm glad the nice elderly lady next to me didn't break my nose. =D
Airplaneviewer 0
Don't travel during flu season. If you must, carry a mask.
Yours is probably the best advice here! That way, hopefully, no one gets sick, body-slammed, or ticked off; they'll just stare curiously at you, wondering what the heck is wrong with you! It's really a sad commentary on those who just seem to be oblivious to what they are imposing or inflicting upon others! Common courtesy is to cover one's mouth and/or nose when sneezing -- use the crook of your elbow, so your germs aren't transferred to your hands (for obvious reasons, right?!).Got a cough? Get a drink of water and/or carry cough drops if you have a cough, whether it be from illness or just allergies, it's just the considerate thing to do. We all understand that people can't help coughing or sneezing, but they can do the appropriate thing when they do, it's for everyone's benefit.
Louis Krupp 0
There are coughs, and there are coughs. Some are chronic -- allergies, some forms of asthma, with no infection -- and the people who have them might not even be aware that they're coughing. Cough drops are the way to go.
mike carter 0
this happens all the time. At Chicago O'hare airport, on the p.a. system they have a recorded message of a man saying, " PLEASE COVER YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU COUGH AND SNEEZE." Airliners also don't most of the time do a good job at cleaning the insides of the planes like when the janitors walk on board to the aircraft and clean off seats and lavatory's, not really good job. Trillion passengers spread germs when traveling onboard airliners when sit in seats, tray tables are messy, just a pig style. But flying privately on board private jets in the general aviation world is the way to go. Their more clean and lavish ( luxury ).
Jeremy Kudlick 0
This causes me to recall a George Carlin bit from "You Are All Diseased," in which he explains that he never gets sick because he has a strong immune system? Why was his immune system so strong? "Because we swam in raw [crap]!"

You can watch the bit at Fair warning for those who don't know about George Carlin - he tends to swear. A lot.
This reminds of the time Captain Lou Albano body slammed Cyndi Lauper. Only Wayne might remember this, it was back in the mid 80's...
Toby Sharp 0
Tony Welch 0
Crazy much? I'm all about not getting sick, but this is just insane. Howie Mandell can handle himself, why not this freak?
Cal Keegan 0
It's a great irony that the guy got taken to jail. Hopefully he spent the night in a cold cell being coughed on by a bunch of inmates... Karma and all.

I don't like being on flights and having people cough a lot, but I get it, and I've done it... most people bought their tickets weeks earlier, they need or have to fly when they planned to, they didn't intend to get sick, and so what are they gonna do? And I don't need to remind anyone how painful the descent can be when you're airborne with a sinus infection.
Victor Engel 0
Please explain how this is ironic.
Robert Curley 0
Irony would be if Mr. White actually sick and infected the other people on the plane. Having just gotten over norovirus I can say after two days of hell I felt fine. Little did I know I was extremely contagious. Sorry co-workers.
Wingscrubber 0
This guy's been watching too many zombie movies, a common cold just toughens you up, doesn't turn you into a braindead cannibal.
Gary Oberst 0
If he is that worried about getting a cold/sick, maybe driving himself to his destination would be safer. At least until he gets there.
Walt Morgan 0
I can understand his concern, but not his actions. I had a neighbor who returned from overseas and sat next to a coughing lady. Two days later, at home, he became sick and died 3 days later at a major hospital of an undetermined respiratory illness.
Pearl Magee 0
Terry, if people look at your mask too curiously, you can lean over and whisper, "Ebola."
dgsandigo 0
dminor415 0
Hey Jayden, the world doesn't owe you anything. If you don't have the brains to expect that there are germs out there in the real world, then head back to your double wide trailer in the hallow and leave the rest of us at peace. "...I felt very filthy..." is an interesting OCD phrase. Maybe your therapist can get you over your phobia... but probably not your lack of intelligence.
Lewis Tripp 0
Coward,ever tried body slam of a male. Both of you are idiots
Pearl Magee 0
And pity the poor attendants who must handle everyone's garbage!
Lewis Tripp 0
White needs a serious ass whipping.


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