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(Video) Airshow Accident - Wing falls off in flight

Air show video -- one wing collapses and the pilot pulls the chute. ( Mehr...

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Dave Poissant 2
Although liveleak says it's new, this was originally posted to youtube almost two years ago (
Daniel Baker 1
Yeah I wasn't sure, I couldn't remember if I'd seen it before.
pfp217 1
There's a "photoshopped" version of this too. The wing falls off but the pilot continues the routine and lands in one side.

I didn't know the beginning was real too. As soft as the landing is compared to the alternative, I wonder how hard it is when you actually hit under the control of the BRS. I'm sure you still get dinged up. I'm def. not downtalking the BRS, I'd sure take a little dinged up over smashed to peices!
Bill Schmiett 2
What was the Neg G rating again? Ooops!
Paul Simpson 1
Great video. Glad it was not a tragedy.
michael martin 1
im sure ive seen it some time ago
But still, it's a great reminder of the impact safety devices provide.
Glad the pilot had a chute ...
Robert Fleming 1
YIKES! Scary stuff....
N9ZN 1
Would it be safe to conclude a properly maintained plane would not be likely to have these issues? Planes have maximum performance limits but they are built to excede those limits to insure the limits are effective.
wsweijland 1
Anybody know which type of aircraft this is?
Larry Bowdish 1
It would be interesting to know what kind of airplane it was.
Bradley Siegel 1
Interesting that the whole plane is on a parachute, not just an ejected pilot.
buttin eleven 1
wow seems strange
Marko Solo -1
Almost looks like it was staged. Or put it another way, Hey the planes got it own parachute!
Dave Underwood 2
Staged? Are you serious?
Marko Solo 0
I'd say more, suspicious. Seeing as I don't really care either way :)
mark robinson 1
Dickhead Marko Solo.
Marko Solo 0
Heh heh, trolled. Here's to you Mrs Robinson.


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