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Houston area glider crash Kills three

The Texas Department of Public Safety says the crash happened around 5 p.m. Sunday near Wallis, about 40 miles west of Houston. Sad story but "extreme sport"? ( Mehr...

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Eric Cothern 2
I think the story was edited. It saw extreme this morning and you can see it almost called out in the comments on the story's web page.
Richard Lewis 1
At 55 seconds into the video the "extreme" comment. Anything that the news can do to sensationalize GA sells. (doesn't have to be true.)

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Chris Bryant 1
The article doesn't say "extreme sport." It says "ultimate sport." But what the heck is their definition of "ultimate?"
Daniel Baker 1
It said "extreme sport" earlier and now it doesn't say "ultimate sport" either.
preacher1 1
The only reference I see to either one now is in the lead on this story on this page. What is puzzling to me though, is that if you look at the initial picture of the crash, shot from above, it looks like it crashed in small trees or an orchard of some type, but as you look thru the other photos,shot from the ground, it is evident it is in a soybean field or some type row crop. Are my eyes playing tricks or could the media have possibly used a photo of something else on their lead?
emmitt kelly 1
that must have been a large event...One glider made an emergency landing on the Don Imus Ranch in New injuries, he had a picture of the glider in his field on his show on Fox business
Jim Quinn 1
Okay--I have a couple of questions about this one and no, I don't want to be a Monday morning quarterback. Two position glider with three people with the third being a child. Where was the child? How old and how heavy was the child? Was the child restrained? The article didn't mention whether any witnesses saw any sort of stall or sudden changes in the aircraft attitude. I'm simply wondering if the child may have had any conflict with the flight controls and whether or not the child was restrained properly in a two-seat aircraft. Also, was there a weight/balance issue that we're not aware of at this point that may have been a contributing factor? I'm sure we'll hear about it after the investigation.


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