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Skydiver grabs glider's tail fin as they fly 2,100 metres up at 100mph

A skydiver has pulled off an astonishing stunt by climbing out of a glider's cockpit, crawling along the wing and then somersaulting underneath and stepping onto the wing of a second glider flying below. Paul Steiner then moves back onto the main fuselage of the second glider while the first glider turns upside down and flies overhead so that he can reach up and hold the tail fin at 100mph, forming a human link between the two aircraft. He then leaps off and parachutes back to the ground.… ( Mehr...

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Stephen Groff 4
As a skydiver I am far more impressed by the fantastic glider pilots precision work than this rather ordinary skydiving feat. :):)
Paul Fortier 1
Ditto... I can teach skydiving, but I can't even start to fly like that.
That's no trick until you do it without a chute and climb into the second glider. Then you got something that may get you on "world's dummest" lol
krahmerica 1
When he jumped from the second glider at the end it looked like he was going to fall through the blades of the helicopter!
there are great austrian guy's. It's fantastic.
William Marvin 1
Simply Amazing!
Eric Schneck 1
We were at Elmira this weekend and my friend would not let her son ride in a glider. Wonder what she would think of this.
Bob Schick 1
Truely an amazing stunt but even more amazing piloting. Well done
Peter Douglas 1
I'm amazed at how the glider that was upside down managed what looks like reasonably level flight. considering the lift from the wings would be negative, and it wasn't being pulled/pushed by an engine.
James Fritz 1
Lift from wings would
James Fritz 0
Lift from wings WOULD NOT BE NEGATIVE. Pete, you have a common but incorrect concept of the Bernoullie effect as it only provides a small portion of the lift necessary to keep an airplane in level flight. It is sufficient airspeed along with the proper angle of attack that keeps a plane up. Of cours it flies level at a lower airspeed when right side up than when upside down. Your misconception is still common among those who have not upgraded their knowledge of areodynimics. Believing that the Bernoullie effect is the main force that provides the main lift for wing has been since the '40 to be wrong.
jack mitchell 1
delphiniumeve 1
Leave it to Red Bull to sponsor this kind of thing!
Bunnie Meyer 1
Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane would not make sense to me, but climbing out of the cockpit, crawling from one wing and dropping on another makes me think of just one question?

How many times past normal is his testosterone level and does he use injections, pills or patches?
Yvonne Malone 1
Wow! I would have liked to see that. Not sure if it was brave or stupid.
James Fritz 0
Lift from wings would NOT BE NEGATIVE


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