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Chemtrail: What in the World Are They Spraying?

I am very interested in hearing what others think of this documentary ( Mehr...

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Pilotguyr6 3
I love all the "scientist" on the street giving their highly "educated" opinions.
Eric Cothern 2
I suspect they are spraying dihydromonoxide in microscopic solid form
linbb 0
No just your brain matter against a wall what a dip.
Torsten Hoff 0
You obviously didn't get it...
linbb 1
Oh no now this is getting too much seeing this posted after hearing it on that late night talk show that features people who have been taken aboard a space ship and the fellow trucker who saw the space ship over Atlanta Ga one night. What in the hell is next for some idiot to post on this site????? Why dont they go to the UFO site and post there there is nothing being sprayed that just water vapor from the jets. What sometimes happens is the black water tank in the AC will leak forming a brown trout ice cube which when the AC comes to a lower warmer level will fall off making a smelly substance nothing more nothing less.
So should I ignore all the parallel lines across my city and what we already know about cloud seeding? My concern is that the real pros who are actually investigating this stuff might be right about additives such as barium and aluminum... Denying the parallel lingering lines in the sky is like that of the ostrich, head in the sand and whatnot. The only thing I hear from people who compare me to the idiot in their heads is "I need to feel better about myself by guffawing at an internet stranger" and "I have no real opinion because I am unable to think for myself".
linbb 1
Ok its going to get you watch out when you close your eyes the greys may come out at night. Get real find another place to post this crap not here. There are no real pros who are going to find anything. You might want to get on that space ship tonight when it comes to visit you.
Hmmmm... Not sure if we're on the same page here. There is a very real phenomenon called "bio-engineering" which has been taking place for quite some time now thanks to our buddies at Monsanto. I would love it if people would step out of their comfort zone and do their own searching to educate themselves on the matter (at least what limited info is available). The world was flat for a while, and anyone thinking otherwise was likely not told by the greys. Carry on and best of luck in your quest for truth, Mr. B. I have a UFO to catch...


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