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NTSB: 5-year-old’s kick led to deadly copter crash

A billionaire business owner who died along with four others in a 2010 helicopter crash apparently allowed his 5-year-old daughter to sit on his lap in the co-pilot’s seat where she kicked the flight controls and caused the accident, according to federal investigators. ( Mehr...

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I feel bad for those lives lost, but these are the things I think about anytime I see a child in a pilot's lap, as well as when I see people who carry babies on motorcycles or lawnmowers. People always talk about how it will never happen to them or how remote the chances are of anything like that happening, but it only takes once. It sucks that the NTSB is laying the blame at the pilot's feet, but as PIC, you are the captain of your ship, for better or for worse.
Toby Sharp 1
geeeez......just bad luck ya know? ashamed! R.I.P. All
Joe Ker 1
Is there information as to what model Helicopter it was, thanks.
Type A owners pressure their pilots into doing stupid things frequently. You'd be surprised!
Peter Douglas 1
Surely the helicopter would have generated significant g forces instantly and therefore the passengers would have been unable to change seats after the tail-strike, so if the 5yr-old was found in the front or back would be effective proof? Or if the others had seatbelts fastened, and the child didn't?
Alejandro S 0
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NTSB Blames 5-Year-Old Girl For Kicking Controls That Caused Helicopter To Crash

According to a new report by the NTSB, a 2010 helicopter crash that killed billionaire Thomas J. Stewart was the result of his 5-year-old daughter who accidentally kicked the controls while being allowed to sit in his lap in the co-pilot's seat.

The accident also killed Stewart's wife, brother-in-law and...
Jackie Butcher 0
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NTSB Says Five-Year-Old Girl Likely Contributed To 2010 Helicopter Accident

Child Was Seated In Her Father's Lap, Believed To Have Stepped On The Collective Control

This story is a true tragedy, and yet also a cautionary tale. The NTSB has released its probable cause report from a Valentine's Day, 2010 accident in which five people, including a five-year-old girl, were fatally injured when the helicopter they were aboard went down. And it would appear, at least to the NTSB, that it is "highly likely" the child stepped on the collective control of the aircraft, contributing to the accident.
Joe Ker 0

Eurocopter 135.


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