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Airport towers get temporary reprieve

Airport towers get temporary reprieve............. ( Mehr...

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canuck44 18
Could it be that the political slugs that made the announcements will be called in front of the House Committee to explain why they need to shut down ATC at all given the 3-4% actual increase in dollars they will be receiving this year and did not touch the $500 Million they plan to pay out in "Consulting Contracts"?

Obviously the FAA leadership should be impeached if they can't do the job on $16.8 billion this year as opposed to "only" $16 billion last year. If public safety is impaired and this shown to be a political gambit, they should be charged criminally.
Bruce Leonetti 3
No question about it. We sat down at the end of last year and did what we always do and that was to look at our budget for the new year (A BUDGIT, IMAGINE THAT)!. We are spending over 4% less in 2013 by things like negotiating better rates for utilities, insurance, where and how we purchase groceries, tradeing a gas hog vehicle for a used econo car, eliminating a lawn service, and renegotiating our mortgage. How simple would it be to cut federal spending by 3%? The federal government reminds me of my storage shed. If I get rid of the usless junk I never use, more useless junk fills it up again! Gotta go now, I actually have to produce something to get compensated.
travelczar 3
More Government Propaganda ......*yawn*
Richard Smith 2
I work at a contract tower slated to close on April 7th. When I was here 25 years ago as an FAA controller (before the tower was contracted out),we had 10 controllers, a supervisor, and a manager. Now, in contractor world, there are 5 of us, one of whom is the Manager who is REQUIRED by the FAA to spend 20 hours a week doing paperwork downstairs. We make $10,000-25,000 less than an FAA controller. This is the most efficient contracted-out operation in the government, and they want to close it down.Go figure. Everyone needs to contact their Congressman NOW, before it is too late. Safety WILL be negatively affected!
We on this website are partial to aviation but I doubt there is "one" federal agency that cannot absorb this cut without cutting services.
harry nelson 1
This may be true, but put the cuts where they will do the least harm to the American people
James Carlson 2
That'd be nice, but that's not what the sequester actually does. It cuts each budget a certain amount, across the board. Vitally important budgets are cut. Meaningless ones are cut as well. Budgets (like the FAA's via the fuel tax) that are funded entirely by fees on the users are cut.

That's the whole point to the sequester: it's quite intentionally stupid.

So asking them to make "smart" cuts when the law demands stupid ones is likely just missing the point.
joel wiley 1
Congress passed the bill on the premise that they would not be so stupid as to let it go into effect. Now agencies are acting as if saying, "you think that's stupid, watch this!"
Yes sir. That's what I said.
Bruce Leonetti 2
Excellent discussion of the DOE preacher 1. How many more of these agencies could be trimed with no burden placed on the American public. It will intresting to see how the user fee argument plays out since my cost to fly is being reduced by the reduction in ATC operations cost.
preacher1 4
You actually think that reduction & savings is gonna get passed along to you or any of the rest of us? Let me tell you 'bout this beautiful swampland I got for
harry nelson 2
Our cost to fly will increase, with the reduction of the ATC operations cost. It is just pure and simple Governmnet Mathmetics.
preacher1 2
Bruce Leonetti 2
Watch the finger pointing when then first accident happens at a formally controled airport. Want to save money...lets start with dumping a bottomless inefective money pits like the Department of Energy. The thought of endangering people in the air and on the ground for political gains just shows you how little respect most of these Hacks have for the public!
preacher1 5
Funny that you mentioned the DOE. It was started with just an employee or 2 back in the Carter days for the sole purpose of reducing our dependence on Foreign Oil and now has 25,000+ employees. They do a lot more things now, but like a lot of agencies, how many of those things and functions are what you would call essential? Best measuring stick I have ever found on any government agency, State or Federal, is to let a major snowstorm happen and let them call for non-essential folks to stay home. If they are non essential, why do we have them working in the first Essential to me means BEING NECESSARY TO ACCOMPLIS THE MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
joel wiley 1
But, what about the agencies whose major mission is to expend their budget? And of course every deputy to the deputy undersecretary is critically essential.
TWA55 1
The whole system of gov. in this country has become a get what you vote for LOL
pfp217 1
Have most of the towers gone to contractors? I live in a class C that I thought was operated by FAA employees. I flew out of and live by another class D that is operated by contractors. The class C was among those listed to be closed.
harry nelson 1
I can see cutting some services, Like when the Military downsized in the late 70's and early 80's, we had to absorb more work per individual. Instead of closing the Towers, reduce hours at some of them and then reduce some of the upper management jobs where there is not a possibility of an incident with an aircraft touching another aircraft.
James Hodges 1
As I said before, Osama, oops, Obama will put the cuts in high profile places and where they will be inconvenient to vocal groups, and try to blame the GOP. Actually this not new, there was an article in our local paper last year saying we would loose our tower. Next step, cut TSA screeners and make the lines longer. It is Osama is a Muslim "sleeper" intending to destroy the USA economy. Doing a good job of it. Jim.
209flyboy 1
The communication on the approach to LAX goes like this “United 454 turn right to 220 and descend to 1500, you are 3 miles from localizer, AHHHH.. 454 Can you give me a few moments though? Since I am the only controller here, I have to run down stairs and turn the localizer on. Oh by the way, do you need runway lights? Let me see if I can find the plug!!. If your lucky enough to land before I get back call me on the phone and let me know how you did ok?”
Story in the Lakeland, Fl. Ledger pointed out that The Sun N Fun Fly In may be harmed by a shut down of the Lakeland- Linder Tower. As anyone in aviation knows, It's one of the busiest facilities in the world during Fly-In days.
Try to imagine that going on for a moment.
larry clement 1
The whole idea of sequestration is to scare the public into pressuring congress to raise taxes and grow government. Most people know nothing about the FAA or GA.If the administration can scare the public by telling them it isn't safe to fly, that helps the gov't push for user fees. Only the Federal gov't can have an agency budget of $16B and try to convuince the public that's not enough. if they had $20B that still wouldn't be enough. Let them close towers, and they will see that safety isn't compromised. When Reagan fired all the controllers during the illegal strike, that was a lot more radical than closing towers, and we survived just fine.
john cook 1
O'Bummers just trying to hurt [THE RICH PEOPLE]and letting America know he's not one of 'Those Guy's'.
187k per hour in AF1.
One less golf weekend in Miami and you payed for the whole year!
If hates America so much why is he still the president.
HE is so transparent , NOT HIS ADMINISTRATION!


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