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Lufthansa cancels about 1,700 flights amid strike

Ground staff at Lufthansa, Germany's biggest airline, walked off the job Monday on a one-day strike that prompted the company to cancel most of the day's scheduled flights and left it complaining of "excessive" union tactics. ( Mehr...

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Or - dont let union people in to begin with. They accepted a job at a wage...if they dont like it; find a job that pays what you want. This however would parlay into the Google FBO in San Jose...people more often than not get paid what they are worth - Occams Razor...let the bleeding begin

Chris Donawho 1
Apples and Oranges fellas.... Aren't unions great? I, like my old buddy Reagan, would fire every last one of those ramp rats. Germany has a high enough unemployment rate to backfill those positions in a heartbeat. They are ramp rats, not exactly a skilled position (here comes the

Remember this... If you side with these ramp rats, who refused additional work hours in lieu of higher pay, you're probably forgetting the fact they work 30 hours a week standard, not 40, like we do.

The Europeans are not exactly eager to work in the first place, since they actually sleep more hours per week than they work. Could you imagine sleeping more than you work? I was three years old the last time that happened to
Wonder if the Lufthansa A346 at PBI on Sunday was "really out of fuel," or a point was being made...
Gene spanos 1
Great! Maybe the german people will get some much needed
Same here.
Ric Wernicke 0
I think the Germans were envious of the United people that had a day off last week, but were not clever enough to cause a computer outage. So thay just called a strike.
Torsten Hoff -1
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Lufthansa cancels most scheduled Monday flights

Lufthansa has canceled most flights scheduled on Monday, when the German airline's ground staff plan to stage a one-day strike in a pay dispute.
Alejandro S -1
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Lufthansa Cancels Nearly All Its Flight For Monday Due To Strike

The German airline Lufthansa has announced that it is cancelling all but 30 flights of the more than 1,700 scheduled for Monday as a result of a ...


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