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Norwegian Air Leans On Boeing as 787 Woes Hamper Strategy

Norwegian Air Shuttle AS (NAS) said it’s working with Boeing Co. (BA) on quicker fixes for technical issues that caused delays and groundings over Christmas, undermining its strategy of extending discount flying to long-haul routes. Glitches involving the Oslo-based carrier’s fleet of three Boeing 787 Dreamliner jets forced it to delay peak-period flights to Scandinavian cities from Bangkok, New York and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Norway’s air-travel complaints body was inundated with calls from… ( Mehr...

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matt jensen 5
If I remember reading sometime back, Norwegian was the only carrier to sign up for the GoldCare maintenance contract for its 787's. Lookin up the brochure it says "GoldCare significantly reduces the risk of new airplane introduction surprises" and helps airlines keep the plane in service."

Apparently not true - It would seem to me that if you buy something that expensive and you have this kind of repair insurance policy - it should not be a problem getting this repaired and/or replaced.

LOT has similar problems leaving thousands stranded - but neither they, nor JAL bought the gold care package.
preacher1 3
Well, if that be the case, they have a right to fuss at Boeing. Several days to get a transponder is a load of crap.
MimosaDrive 4
The local media reported that the delay in Ft Lauderdale was due to a faulty transponder that took several days to get a replacement for. Not sure how accurate that story was, but to me that would indicate an airline without an adequate maintenance infrastructure if they have a multi-day delay for a line replaceable item.
preacher1 1
Well, as the story says, that is going to be a problem as they branch into long haul. If they report is accurate it would shore that up in that they are not prepared and don't plan on stuff breaking while out.

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99NY 1
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