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Emirates and Etihad to Launch Private Suites on Planes

Two Gulf-based airlines announced plans to launch fully enclosed private bedrooms on their aircraft. Emirates Airline plans to install the new suites on its Airbus A380 jumbo jets as well as on Boeing’s new long-range 777X plane, which will be flying towards the end of the decade. ( Mehr...

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Walter Riedel 4
Probably only affordable for sheiks who make millions of dollars without moving a finger.
Jason Feldman 1
Wouldn't it be nice if those rooms were available by the hour.... NO, for the mile high club (well, ok for that too) but what I meant is... Have you even been on a long haul flight and just needed to lay down for just a little bit, stretch out... I have been on two flights in my life where I would have paid a grand for 1 hour in a bed like this
Ric Wernicke 3
This is pure advertising for the airline. The "residence" will be occupied on every flight, but seldom at the asking price of $21K for the hop to London. More often the passengers will be self-indulgent VIP's who work for the airline. Next on the list will be the airlines best customers, first on the freight side, then the passenger side. Members of government and royal family will enjoy undisclosed upgrades from regular fares.

The idea of a suite on an airplane is not new. I remember being tucked in on Pan Am Clippers in the 1950's hopscotching across the Pacific at speeds less than some trains today. The hot food prepared onboard was superior to most of the fare offered inflight today.

You might be asking how Middle East carriers can afford to do this? Simple. Oil costs $4 a barrel to extract from the ground. They sell it for about $100. Millions per day. With money to burn, this is how they burn it.
Matt Hauke 1
I wonder how much tighter the coach seats will get to accommodate this.
Gary Hjelm 1
Airlines are going to screw themselves, and the only people flying in thesee compartments will be the sultans of the middle East. Already many people have had enough of airports with the TSA jamming the flying experience down our collective throats. The airline personnel who maintain the customer relations are stressed out of their minds, but the customer still wants them to accomplish the impossible, and when they can't, then the people take umbrage with the airline representatives. It is a hassle to get to must airports and the time spent getting to the airport, going through the baggage check-in with many restrictions, and the TSA, is more than most people can stand. People are begging for alternatives that can cover a four or five hundred mile trip without the endangerment to their sanity. How weird is the discrimination of the oil sheiks, who do not want to fly with the common people on an aircraft, and hence, the flight cubicles for these people. Most of the people who can afford the airline cubicle can afford a private jet, or at least some time on one of those luxury aircraft's. This type of flying may be the next best thing since popcorn, but it is my feeling that only a few airlines will indulge in this class of flying. Before the up-grading of seating that is commonplace today, the first class seating areas where half empty. This was because of the cost, and the fact that there was little value in paying the price for the best. It is my feeling that this section will not be booked on a consistent basis, and that it will end-up being a perk for the highest levels of points programs on these airlines. It is hardly anything to excited about.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
IMHO, none whatsoever.
They are going to earn much more per sq. inch of floor area through this modification if one reads the article fully INCLUDING reading inbetween the lines !
Plus the general goodwill they will earn by being the better airline !
Did we always have 3 classes in the commercial flying ?
I doubt. First they made two classes then three by adding Business Class and a few years back 'Premium Economy' !
So where are we going ? And whom are we kidding ?
Change and innovation are part of human nature .
And so is resistance to change !
Ironically ! !
Jason Feldman 2
maybe not now- but some day when the oil stops flowing the seat pitch will shrink centimeter by centimeter until your knees are pressed firmly against the seat in front of yours and you feel every little movement of the passenger behind you.

today you may have suites upstairs without cramming in those in "steerage" but someday that airline will be on the verge of bankruptcy, or the unions will have negotiated too good a contract, whatever.... it's an airline..... and when that day comes you too will understand the concept of minimum seat pitch traveling
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Right you are.
Compare it with size of rooms/flats in the Metros. They are getting smaller and smaller. With foldable furniture and all that.
BUT mansions and manor houses keep coming up, notwithstanding space crunch !
Jason Feldman 1
There are two basic models to compete in capitalism. (greatly generalized mind you)
1. Price based - which is always a race to the bottom, penny pinching, loss of jobs, loss of creature comforts
2 Value based - where people buy a product or service because it is BETTER.

The difference between the two models is staggering. The price per ticket may be higher for everyone, but it would be a much better experience, people would not get DVT from 14inch seat pitch on a 14 hour flight! Once on a cramped flight wouldn't give 100 dollars for a place to stretch out? (if there even was any). Well, if everyone paid that extra 100 bucks you could!. This business model will not run itself into the group, will not cut wages and benefits - making happier employees which give much better customer service.

Personally - I prefer the Value based economy - now just to convince everyone that price hunting for a 2 dollar difference needs to stop (GOOD LUCK)
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
A good innovation and up gradation.
For more elaboration , check the following

And if that ain't enough , check out following on Youtube , Residence , First Class Apartment, abs Business Class Studio, all at one place


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