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Any lower and that would be crash!

Low flying way to raise a flag. I'm pretty sure he could mow the runway at the same time. ( More...

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What an expensive way to cut the grass . . .
Esteban Marin 2
IS not an RC, his name is cesa falistoco and he is a renowned air show performer, he used to fly mirage's
Esteban Marin 2
He also flies an L29
30 Convención en vuelo EAA - Rasante nunca Visto …:
Esteban Marin 2
Acariciando el río. César Falistocco ® - Paraná 2…:
... and here I was, thinking that only my favourite Hungarian would be crazy enough for such a stunt. Brilliant!
Curt Danielson -1
Would like to see that in a real airplane and not an RC.


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