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Airbus shows E-Fan, its electric plane due in 2017

FARNBOROUGH, England -- Although battery weight may keep electric planes from becoming mainstream in the near future, Airbus believes its E-Fan 2.0 will find a real market: pilot training. It hopes to begin selling the E-Fan 2.0 in late 2017 for pilot training. That's only one fraction of the plane market. A later planned E-Fan 4.0 with space for four passengers, however, will be aimed at the general-aviation market. ( Mehr...

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Ian Guy 5
Such negativity; embrace the innovation. Who's to say the next gen could have PV cells on the control surfaces to increase the range.
beilstwh 4
actually if it worked like a hybrid it would be efficient. Use fuel to run a generator to recharge the batteries/run the engines. For example diesel/electric train engines are much more efficient then straight diesel engines.
Torsten Hoff 5
Flight schools won't make money unless they can keep their aircraft utilized, they can't wait hours for the batteries to recharge. Airbus will have to offer swapable battery packs or a charging system that will keep charging times similar to what it required to refuel a conventional aircraft.
joel wiley 4
You don't believe the rumors about the secret AB development of the AEC (Aerodynamic Extension Cord)?
Peter Allum 2
What a fab idea! If I had an electric car I would get an extension cord. At least I would never get lost. Just follow the cord home!
Today we have an electric plane that flew round the world. Electric planes are a certainty. We should not judge future by today's visibility.
Andy Cornwell 1
I suspect learning to fly in a 1000lb aircraft will make some real stick 'n rudder pilots, at least.
ken young 1
If i were king of Airbus for a day, my first message to designers would be "find away to charge the batteries in flight"....
Armel Le Cadre 1
《When the Wright brothers started flying it was considered a joke too》. It's why they came in France, to find people more friendly ready to follow them.
Bruce Boaze 1
I'm not particularly a "fan" of Airbus, but I like this fan.
sparkie624 1
My concern is not the Fan, but the Batteries... Not this RC plane that is using same battery technology as the Airbus Fan..
sparkie624 -6
This is going to be a Joke
When the Wright brothers started flying it was considered a joke too.
joel wiley 4
They didn't much like Tippi Hedren either, according to Hitchcock
beilstwh 1
I don't blame the birds. You every see Tippi act. wooden.
joel wiley 1
She might have acted more spryly if Hitchcock had used woodpeckers instead of crows.


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