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787-10 to be built exclusively in South Carolina

Boeing on July 30th announced the decision, saying that the key reason is that the 787-10’s 224-foot fuselage, 18 feet longer than the 787-9, is too long to be transported efficiently from North Charleston, where it is fabricated, to the assembly line in Everett. ( More...

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Jeff K 1
"Snubbed by the South"??? The corrupt and dishonest media continues....
The -10 will have light enough sales numbers for the under performing BSC to manage and the the fuselage is too large for the dreamlifter to transport it from BSC to Everett.
Kevin Cooney 1
Not getting the headline, either.
Maybe in a little while BSC won't be "underperforming..."
Craig Lewis 1
Home town, now if only I can get a job there.
CloudSurfer89 0
Welcome to SC!


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