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China planning town centered around general aviation

Superior Aviation Town, to be constructed in the Shunyi District, approximately 11 miles northeast of Beijing, is named for Superior Air Parts, the Dallas, Texas-based company bought by a Chinese entity five years ago. According to its website, the town would be home to a general aviation airport with a 7,800-foot-long runway, and would also have a convention center dedicated to general aviation. The town’s backers and the Chinese government plan to make the town a haven for international… ( Mehr...

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Kevin Gorey 2
Anyone ever try to fly a GA plane in China? Easier to get a clearance to overfly the White House.

"On a recent summer's evening, a shimmering metallic object appeared in the skies above the city of Hangzhou in eastern China. Gliding across the dusky sky, the craft startled locals and frightened air-traffic controllers, who promptly closed Hangzhou's busy airport and locked down the city's airspace for more than an hour. News of the Hangzhou UFO even made the national news.

But when amateur pictures of the craft were splashed across Chinese newspapers the following morning, experts ... the flying object was identified as most likely being another example of an increasingly common nuisance in China's airspace: off-the-grid, short-hop flights by local private-plane owners. China's airspace is tightly controlled by the government, and access for any crafts other than commercial or military aircraft is strictly limited."
Karl Schneider 3
And here in the USA towns are trying like hell to run airports OUT. No wonder we're heading for 4th world status.
David Stein 1
I agree its just hard to understand why so few would try to tear down what took so many to build.

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zennermd 1


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