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31 Miami International Airprot Employees Caught On Camera Stealing From Bags

MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Fla. (WSVN) -- Thirty-one ramp workers and baggage handlers at Miami International Airport have been arrested since 2012 after undercover video set up during a sting operation by Miami-Dade Police captured them going through passengers' bags to steal valuables. ( Mehr...

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mags stumpp 5
The crooks primarily target bags that were gate checked - primarily due to size, or capacity limitations. It's challenging for PAX to comb through them to retrieve all valuables while standing in a crowded jetway, or while being rushed by the flight crew. This creates an opportunity for the bad guys.
Ric Wernicke 5
Airlines could care less about the theft from passengers. In a treaty signed almost 100 years ago they limited their liability to $ 20. per kilogram. If they steal your Fujinon marine binoculars that weigh a pound they will send you a check for the princely sum of $ 9.07 to replace your eleven hundred dollar optics. That assumes you artfully dash over the hurdles thrown in front of you to assure only the minimal number of claims are made. Don't ask me how I know this.

There is little incentive to implement measures that could stop theft in its tracks. The treaty needs to be tossed, and strict liability assigned. They could start by paying a living wage to the ramp rats, and stop treating them like pack animals.
Pileits 5
Way to many airlines "outsource" baggage handling to other companies believing the airline is reducing their labor costs rather then using actual employee's of the airline. I think this is RUBBISH in my view.
Just another way for the airline to line the pockets of the CEO and upper management with cash.
Tom Lyons 2
I've started to send my valuables I can't - or don't want to - carry on my person to my hotel or home via Fed Ex or UPS and I fully insure them. I don't trust anything or anyone involving airports or airlines these days.
In 1968, on a military flight from Calif to Japan, my duffle bag developed a small slit in the side and the pair of boot socks containing about 50 1858-1878 Silver Dollars (straight out of Silver City Nevada) just crawled out of the bag and spent themselves. This type of activity has been going on for as long as there has been baggage being separated from its owner.
Lucio DiLoreto 4
Anyone who travels knows this to be true. Most of us accept it as part of the price to fly. One cannot put valuables in one's checked baggage and expect them to be there when the flight is over. The airlines and the airports could easily fix this problem. However, the airlines and the airports are part of the problem and are not interested in the solution.
Mike Davis 3
On the other side of this is the potential for passenger fraud by claiming to have had those $1,000 binoculars in the baggage in the first place. Imagine how many $1,000 claims the airlines would get for expensive items that never existed in the baggage.
Curtis Fish 1
Link all TSA baggage Xray scans with the passenger's record locator #; looking for the silhouette of those Fujinon binoculars in the Xray scan. Would cut down if not eliminate the bogus claims; help support the valid claims.
rodney harris 1
airlines not paying employees will know more just because you show you that even people that have security clearances and pass background checks can be criminals too
Andrew Prakken 1
An Airprot?? Employee?? JS
Ehud Gavron 1
Dead link.
mark warchol 1
Paying outsourced workers minimum wage or a bit over is still unacceptable. A livable wage is needed and even that will not stop pilfering from checked bags.
As a flyer you should NEVER place valuables in checked baggage.


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