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Scat 737-300 destroyed by fire

Caught fire at the gate. There will be a slight delay. ( Mehr...

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WeatherWise 5
Scat??? Everyone knows Poop is the carrier of choice with more frequency and regularity. I believe you can follow their movements on FlightAware. Okay, I'll stop now.....
Michael Fuquay 4
"Ladies and gentlemen, our departure will be slightly delayed today due to some technical difficulties"
paul trubits 1
Scat-B-Q. Bring you own marshmallows.
sparkie624 1
I think we need some Sheet Metal Mechancs and then when they finish I think we need some Electricians...
Frank Harvey 1
Coke cans and pop rivets
sparkie624 1
That will work, and some Elmers glue to serve as sealant :)
Frank Harvey 2
Or skim it with bondo. Alternatively fill the gap with laths, fabric and dope.

Way back in the dark ages we used to remove dope from fabric with a nasty liquid called Nitromours. It actually bubbled when we painted it onto the fabric and we could just scrape the resulting sludge off. We had buckets of water in the hanger since it burnt skin on contact.

However there was a documentary about the Colditz glider on TV tonight and they used porridge as there was no dope available. Apparently the starch in the porridge tightened the fabric.
mike SUT 1
Crap :-) that's terrible
sparkie624 1
It would have been much worse in the air! Glad it happened where it did...
My friend Mark works over there flying a corporate Challenger. He says those people are dumb as rocks and someone probably let their hibachi tip over. cCipes, maybe I could scrounge the engines off that plane. Try to make a dragster using one.......
Peter Crew 1
Could I be rebooked please..
acmi 1
oops...remember when Aeroflot was a bad ride?
sparkie624 1
I thought they still were!
Nico Arreman 1
Strange, that they are not pushed away from the gate unit.
Tom Lull 1
Wonder if they researched the possible meanings of the term SCAT?
djames225 1
Here is a good video when it first started...everyone outside is looking around for marshmallows instead of extinguishers
Leo Mayne 1
FYI in Sarasota County Florida SCAT Means Sarasota County Area Transit
Nick Hesler 1
Video here:
Jhon Lewis 0
I bet you after this happened they looked at the aloha air flight and were like,"Yeah, we can do it."
sparkie624 1
LOL... The worlds first Convertible Jet...


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