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Falcon 10 Tire Explodes While Being Serviced

The video, taken from a security camera at Atlantic Aviation at KBDR, shows a person standing next to the Falcon 10 when all of a sudden parts start flying of the nose and a rubber mat near the airplane is hurled away. ( Mehr...

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mattdavis 0
I did that once to a bicycle tire when I was about 8 years old. It was loud, and it hurt. I can't imagine how loud and painful a jet tire would be.
UpsidedownFlyer 0
Dudes lucky to come away without a broken leg. Cleanup in aisle three!!
ScottA320 0
And that's why we don't service tires with unregulated high pressure nitrogen! He's lucky to be alive. Years ago I saw pictures from an accident report of a guy that did the very same thing on an F-15 nose landing gear tire but he was squatting down directly to the side of the tire when it exploded. The biggest recognizable piece him was his head and upper torso. Everything from his upper chest down was gone. These things are nothing less then a bomb when they go off.
markaz 0
WOW! I guess the avatar I use is really appropriate for this post.
ScottA320 - I must plead ignorance....From the video how do you know this is probably a case of unregulated tire pressure? Do these tires ever become fatigued to the point that a weak spot just gives way?
ScottA320 0
In 30 years of aviation maintenance I've never seen a wheel explode like this except when over inflated and every case of over inflation was due to a Mechanic attaching a tire inflation tool directly to a source of high pressure gas, be it air or nitrogen. It may not have been "unregulated" but it most likely had a high pressure regulator on the bottle, the type of regulator you would use to inflate a landing gear strut. These high pressure reg's can be dialed up to hundreds or even thousands of PSI where a low pressure reg, used for such things as tire inflation on smaller GA aircraft, are only capeable of putting out 150 to 200 psi, even when attached to a 2600 PSI nitrogen bottle. Most wheel manufactures require some sort to none distructive testing of the wheels at either every tire change or at least after every few tire changes to prevent this from happening from metal fatigue.
markaz 0
Good information. Thanks.
John Crabtree 0
yup, confusing BAR and PSI is not good...
Thomas Moore 0
He'll need a trip to the Bar after that :)


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