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Meet 'Viper' - the newest F-16 Fighter

Meet the F-16V ‘Viper’ - the newest, most advanced fighter in the F-16 family that has just made its maiden flight. The latest version of the F-16 introduces numerous cutting-edge enhancements. ( Mehr...

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SmokedChops 5
The F-16 has matured into a world beater in terms of capabilities. It has also been in constant development since 1975. 40 years can make a lot of upgrades and changes. Before everyone is so quick to throw the F-35 under the bus because it isn't the end-all be-all out of the gate, remember this - no aircraft package has. When people look at the price tag and gasp, try this - the price tag on your brand new Hyundai Sonata will be $91,000. (that is the cost of development, cost of manufacture, cost to buy spares for the next 50 years, the cost to train the crews for the next 50 years, the fuel used for the life of the car, etc.) let's not forget, an adjunct planner with no background in engineering wants to add a device that will make the exhaust mint flavored. (because he owns shares in the company that makes the mint flavored exhaust device....nah, couldn't happen) Just my random thoughts. I think it is great that the F-16 is still rocking it after all these years and staying current and relevant. President Ford would be proud!
josh homer 4
I love having Lockheed down the road from me! Been watching F-16's for decades, when it was General Dynamics. My dad built F-111's.
michadm1 3
Maybe someone can clarify for me that this isn't a brand new out of the box F-16 but an older unit with the added advanced upgrades fro the Air Force. I believe the US Military no longer buys new F-16's. They are currently in production for other countries but I doubt the new avionics would be used in those aircraft.
Ruger9X19 3
From Lockheed Martin's web site:
"The F-16V is an option for new production jets and current fleet upgrades. The Taiwan government selected the F-16V configuration for its 145 Block 20 F-16 A/B aircraft."
oowmmr 2
F-16v are mighty fine birds, available now at cool!!
McBlemmen 2
Damn i would never have expected a new f-16 model to be developed , great to see this amazing jet still has some teeth left


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