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easyJet reveals concept designs for hybrid plane

As part of its strategy of reducing its passengers’ carbon footprint easyJet has unveiled plans for a revolutionary zero emissions hydrogen fuel system for its aircraft which could save around 50,000 tonnes of fuel and the associated CO2 emissions per year. ( Mehr...

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joel wiley 1
But the devil is in the details. It sounds like it would augment energy capture by a regenerative braking system. What electolyte woud the cell use? Some get quite hot.
Martin Haisman 1
Martin Haisman 1
Looks to be the way to go and less combustible in an accident.
Carson Greene 0
Rather than use a highly volition fuel cell (Apollo 13) the electrical motors should be powered by the APU in the tail. It's not as clean as a cell but from an overall emissions basis you will still be ahead vs. two idling jet engines.
Scott Campbell 0
Why not use the electric front gear drive system already being used ?
Dennis Harper 0
What is the added system weight? The airplane has to burn fuel to keep it airborne between stations. I get the goal of not having to run the big engines to taxi. But to me adding weight to the airplane rings a dull bell. How about considering a new generation of lighter and more efficient APU to provide power to a similarly efficient electric drive. I thinking a lower weight penalty system has to be better.
Ric Wernicke -6
Oh yeah, Hydrogen on an aircraft. Anyone ever see the last landing of the Hindenburg? It did not go well.

CO2 emissions are not the boogey man politicians like Sen. Sanders and the politically motivated "scientists" scream about with their hair on fire.

There is no shortage of fossil fuel, and humans will never overtake the production rate of new fuel by natural processes powered by the sun.

It seems silly to waste resources of time and materials to produce a system to counter the effect of CO2 in the atmosphere. It is not a problem, then, now, or ever. There is a cult like group of politicians that want to pick your pocket and make themselves rich.
Colin Seftel 3
Hydrogen is safer than jet fuel because it's lighter than air, so in case of a leak, it rises away from the source of the leak. Hydrogen ignites in air at 500°C (932°F) while Jet A-1 ignites at 38°C (100°F). There was just one Hindenberg tragedy - think how many more aircraft have caught fire!
zennermd 3
And correct me if I am wrong, but did they also discover the paint they used turned out to be a precursor to solid rocket fuel?
Martin Haisman 3
The hydrogen fuel process is nothing like the airbag gas state of the Hindenburg in 1937. It is still safer then avgas of jet fuel. The only issue the need to get past is hydrogen is made from either fossil fuel sources or electricity. Unless hydrogenated there is still the extra use of fossil fuels or nuclear power.
zennermd 1
Clearly you are not educated in simple physics? Freshman college level physics? Let me make is as simple as possible, light in... heat out... Now more complicated for you. The light from the sun exciting the bonds of a molecule. There are several different ways energy can escape, via heat or light for example. Fire is an example of energy being release as both light and heat. When light excites the alkene bond of say... a molecule of CO2, it is released (correct me if I am wrong physicist) through the vibrational mode (heat). Therefore, more CO2 = more heat. Simple you see? I hate to tell you, but science is a real thing you know...
Matt Lacey 0
Hindenburg actually had little to do with the hydrogen. It was landing with thunderstorms in the area and the skin of the vehicle was very combustible. The result would have been the same with helium, with slightly less initial fire. Google Addison Bain.


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