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The newest airport amenity? Movie theaters

In theory, airports and cinemas seem made for each other. If polls are anything to go by, the demand for more airport entertainment is sky high, and certainly cinemas can't ask for an audience more captive than one waiting out a long layover. Yet few airports seem to have been willing to take the plunge, until now. Portland International Airport will soon be the latest in a slew of travel hubs to adopt a movie theater. And, being Portland, it's likely to be a hipster's dream. ( Mehr...

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paul trubits 4
As long as they don't show "Snakes on a Plane".
Mike Clements 2
Or "Final Destination". . .
Louie R 2
I'm very happy just sitting with my tablet by the big windows watching the airplanes go by.
Robert Austen 1
Boredom in the airport and in the airplane is why I prefer to fly myself. But for those who don't, since most aircraft are equipped with "personal video screen" thingies, this seems like a logical extension....
Paul Bowker 1
Christchurch International has one ... more to show New Zealand promotion movie and also used as conference facility
Jeff Jones 1
put the theaters behind security and voilà, I can enjoy a movie again!
zfly2k 1
I agree with Jeff. Took awhile...hope that this catches on.
Rick Rump 1
Old PIT had a movie theater.
dcmeigs 1
I'm just so happy... That none of my money is invested thusly. It might make sense at DFW or Atlanta, but there just aren't that many folks suffering through long layovers at PDX. And they will be up against all those craft brews at the bars.
First you wait for your flight, hey I've got time to catch a movie...oh man I missed my flight!! Oh well I'll watch another one.😜
kev wu 1
Some airports are doing just short films only lasting around 10-20 minutes. Their made by local filmmakers.
Kerry Neilsen 1
Changi Airport, Singapore have a movie theater..!!
Kevin Hamel 2
Just don't chew gum or drop your popcorn while you're watching the movie. ;-)


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