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NTSB to recommend installation of U.S. senators on every GA aircraft

WASHINGTON – Pleasantly surprised by the feverish, nonstop major-network news coverage of an aircraft accident in Alaska despite the fact that it involved a single-engine float plane manufactured in 1952 with a maximum passenger capacity of only 10, the NTSB today proposed that the FAA require one member of the U.S. Congress to be aboard every general aviation (GA) flight. (Satirical) ( Mehr...

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mikeNY 1
clarified, missed the satirical element of this un-truth. Hopefully, the funny man at know that loss of life should not be the subject of their satire.
Brad Harris 0
I sure hope they give the liberal nutjobs fist dibbs.
Keith Woody 0
Oh. That is funny. I liked the other headlines too.
Daniel Baker 0
More than anything, it is educating the public about the dangers of GA in Alaska -- a little known fact outside the GA community.
Scott Gibb 0
Republicans will receive preferential seating I hope.....
gkamilar 0
Since the NTSB recommends "installation" of US Senators will that also require an STC from the FAA for each type of aircraft?
agg1930 0
I think the FAA could make an exception since they all have something in common: windbags,cheaters,liers,etc etc
mikeNY 0
how unnecessary, irresponsible, inappropriate, and thoughtless for a government agency to make this type of statement in connection with a tragic loss of life. Is this what taxes are being paid for, a completely insensitive NTSB spokesperson to mis-use their position and access to the media. Why couldn't they maturely make their point about increased regulatory and public interest in general aviation in a respectful manner. The only appropriate headline to read in this connection: "NTSB fires spokeperson". shameful! ... may the deceased rest in peace and their families find comfort.
bbabis 0
I rarely agree with the NTSB, but this is fantastic.


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