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Ryanair Airlines CEO Comments Suggest Safety Not A Priority

What happens if the pilot has a heart attack?" O'Leary suggested that flight attendants should learn to fly and “if the pilot has an emergency, he rings the bell, ( More...

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beki stinton 0
This man 'Begggggggars Belief' everytime he opens his mouth!!!!!!!....:-))))))..
SF Johannsen 0
One man (O;leary) does not make "Ryanair" successful it's his management and staff.. And this is not the first time we have heard this from anyone. Come on media, can we find something else. I really do not think he is saying safety is not a priority to his company. Yes he is a very opinionated person and with that in mind he is also getting great publicity. I really wonder.
Paul Byrne 0
Publicity is one thing. Giving the flying public the perception that you'll do anything to cut costs including sacrificing the safety of your customers is another. Personally, I'd rather pay for a higher priced ticket knowing the airline isn't going to cut costs by skimping on safety.
"Let the bloody computer fly it".......yes but if a solitary pilot had inadvertantly made an input error during preflight preparations one has a doomed flight, the second pilot is there to correct matters is he not? Getting flight attendants to learn to fly a beast such as a 737 costs huge amounts of the money that Mr. O'Leary is constantly banging on about saving so is he going to start having Business class cabins to help fund training of cabin staff?


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