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American Eagle flight diverts to Poteau, OK

Envoy Flight 3263, ORD-XNA diverts to RKR after attempting to land at XNA and FSM ( Mehr...

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sparkie624 3
Just a note to the FA Community. FSM was the airport that "Preacher1" was based out of. I have heard a lot of stories from there. RIP Preacher1 my good friend!
joel wiley 2
Thanks for posting. Sometimes a detail triggers such memories.
RIP Preacher
I wonder what necessitated a landing at KFSM
sparkie624 2
Low Fuel Warning... Apparently they held too long!
If I am reading correctly, the FA reporting of this flight (AA 3263) shows it diverted to Fort Smith and landed there. However, the video and news report says it landed in Poteau, OK (RKR). Yet, FA's RKR's Arrivals and Departures Log make no mention of this flight or of any E-145 operations. What has happened here? Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks.
sparkie624 1
He definitely diverted to KFSM
hou1crj 1
WOW! landed on a 4000 ft. My question, why is he still on the runway, unloading people, unless the plan is overweight for taxi ways or did he call an emergency, which they are waiting for FAA to clear them to move the plane?

Yeah, check out United from New Orleans to Houston..... via MSY > IAH (break off from approach) > CLL (go-around, ceiling to low) > AUS (to refuel and wait) > IAH

Had a friend on that flight.
Albert Phillips, my relative was on the plane and I was at Robert Kerr Airport so I know the truth, which is that the pilot attempted two descents into Fort Smith after being diverted from XNA. Both failed under what my relative described as wind shear. The app Flight Tracker showed the pilot executing evasive maneuvers on his approaches, horizontally and vertically. Then under what was reported as a fuel warning, pilot was approved for Robert Kerr. Amercan Airlines told callers that the plane HAD LANDED SAFELY in Fort Smith. False. On the ground, speculation was that they did that to avoid media coverage. Passengers were forced to remain on the plane until the belated arrival of a TSA agent to authorize. The bus arrived before the TSA agent, but thereafter all were permitted to leave. American did not even acknowledge to one caller that their loved one was on board any American plane. Something seriously wrong with their protocols or competence, in my humble opinion.
Good Call by the Captain


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