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Airport `Naked Image' Scanners in U.S. May Get Privacy Upgrades

The concerns of travelers such as Powell, which led privacy advocates to sue the government, may soon be eased. L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. and OSI Systems Inc.’s Rapiscan, makers of the scanners for U.S. airports, are delivering software upgrades that show a generic figure rather than an actual image of a passenger’s body parts. The new display would mark sections of a person’s body that need to be checked. The revisions “certainly address most of the privacy concerns,” Peter Kant, a… ( More...

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Chip Hermes 0
By "Privacy Upgrades," they mean that your photos will automatically be posted to your Facebook account and tag you.
beki stinton 0
Chip.......I'm LMAO!!!!!!...;-)...
dmanuel 0
I have read several articles that imply that tests of the explosive configuration used by the underwear bomber would probably not have been detected by these machines. Additionally, they appear not to detect items hidden in body cavities. I am wondering if this is an accurate assessment of these devices and, if so, is this a cost effective deterrent against explosive devices and when will security reach the point of diminishing return on the investment?


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