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Stolen plane crashes on Peterborough, Ontario street

Pilot and sole occupant dies as the plane he stole crashed on a downtown street in Peterborough, Ontario. ( More...

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bashdan 4
Flying is not as easy as one thinks..... Condolences to the families affected by this tragedy.
josh homer 5
"I'm fully instrument rated on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004! This will be easy!"
Cade foster 4
Skipped walk around and preflight....
Victor Engel 3
Stole a plane not loaded with fuel maybe?
bdarnell 3
"Watch this. Hold my beer."
Tom Mills 1
Pa Thomas 2
And Cooter was right there to see it happen.
That's karma ...
paul gilpin 1
usually with stories like this, when they interview the witness on site, there is a liquor store in the background.
Lansdowne street runs east and west, our airports(CYPQ)main runway runs east and west. The airport is about 5 miles south of Lansdowne street. I don't know what this guys heading was but the main damage to the street is west of the crash. The aircraft ended up tail south. I wonder if he was looking for 09 at CYPQ.
BigFED 1
That is NOT what they meant when they say "you have to stick" the landing!!!
Brian Adams 1
Tom Mills 1
My 172 was stolen once. But I was lucky. He left his billfold in a undamaged aircraft.
Ben Thurston 1
beilstwh--and what, pray tell, are "reddens"?
kelly couch 1
Goot Goot !I is Cooter ,heh heh,I seen the whole thang!heh , looked like the wheel falled off!Goot Goot...Snork!
beilstwh 1
I have zero sympathy for a thief. Good reddens to bad trash.
Richard Ryan 0
That was a useless piece of video!
Richard Ryan -1
I am not the source of any information in this story and have no knowledge of the plane crash. I reside over 2000 miles from the incident and am no way connected to the crash report. I would appreciate removal of any information related to me in this story. If there is no retraction on the part of FlightAware in this matter I have consulted with my attorney for further action.

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A Sellitto 0
"Being the biggest crime of the last century and everyone wanted to get in the newspaper story about it!" Atla Guthrie - 1967


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