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Incident: Biman B777 near Ashgabat on Nov 27th 2016, engine fuel pressure problem

A Biman Bangladesh Boeing 777-300, registration S2-AHN performing flight BG-1011 from Dhaka (Bangladesh) to Budapest (Hungary) with 99 passengers and 29 crew, was enroute at FL320 about 50nm northeast of Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) when the crew decided to divert to Ashgabat due to a low fuel pressure indication for one of the engines (GE90). ( Mehr...

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Iain Maciver 1
Biman is still around? I am shocked, but about this story not surprised. 10 yrs ago I missed my connection in Dubai and Emirates put me on a Biman flight. The plane was so old; one lavatory door was missing, no a/c, 3 airline names visible, I remember Lufthansa as one, of prior owners, overflowing toilet. All male pax. Muslim Pax trying to do their prayers kneeling in the aisles at 35k ft. Male attendants strolling the aisles yelling at the pax. It was a zoo and unnerving as well. After that I thought I heard Biman was banned from the EU skies and later shut down by the Bangladesh govt. When I complained to Emirates about being put on what I felt was an unsafe plane, no apology but they threw a bunch of air miles at me. That flight was not on my bucket list
joel wiley 1
The other 3 reports of the day were Airbus. I guess AB failures aren't news.
Dog bites man, not news. Man bites dog, news
Dubslow 2
None of these are engine problems (though one was a hydraulic failure, nearly as bad).

If you spin it this way: 1 engine failure posted, 0 non-engine failures posted, then that doesn't sound like anti boeing bias does it?

Spin is everywhere these days, and this comment is spin too.
joel wiley 1
Spin if you will. I was pointing to one day's example of MH370's posting tendencies: Airbus in a positive light, Boeing in a negative light. That day's AVHerald listing 4 incidents, 3 could be considered possible mx issues, the other bad weather or pilot error.
Richard Smith 1
MH370 never reports Airbus issues. But, we can be assured, every Boeing problem, minor or major, will be reported here by him. Does Airbus pay him?
joel wiley 2
Then again, he might do it for the love of it. Does Boeing fund the "If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going" crowd?
jeff slack -1
I could not agree with you more..............
Competition is the essence of business; it is great we have Boeing and Airbus.
However, I hate the Boeing bashing that occurs on this site and the very one sided posting(s).
Ian Garthwaite 1
Oddly, I perceive an anti Airbus sentiment on the site. I suppose it all boils down to national loyalties.
bentwing60 0
I suspect there is some "financial" consideration. MH never saw a Boeing he recognized, let alone liked.
Roy Hunte 6
Both manufacturers make excellent aircraft and both companies have their pros and cons. No use being biased either way.
Ravee Kurian 0
A 777-300 with only 99 passengers... lots of windows and aisles for anyone who wanted one.

Wonder how they make the economics of this route work...
joel wiley 2
AVHerald reported " The aircraft carried Bangladesh's Prime Minister and entourage to a conference in Budapest."
Ravee Kurian 0
Got it - that makes sense. I was wondering if it were something like that.
joel wiley 2
Yep, executive ego trumps fiscal responsibility every time.


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